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Address: nn Makenzijeva st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/344-9937
E-mail: zvezdanavojnovic@yahoo.com

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Tailoring shop Tena is located at number 1 Macvanska street in Vracar. We began work in 1998 in Belgrade with the desire to tailor and sew original clothing for you. Seeing how it's increasingly difficult to find the ideal clothes that not only fit your size perfectly but also have the ideal color, pattern, model etc. to your taste. Here at "Tena" tailoring shop we give our clients the opportunity to always have perfectly-fitted clothing of their own choosing. We want you to feel comfortable in your clothing thanks to its perfect size but also be able to fully show off your style and taste. Whether you have designed a skirt, blouse, men and women's pants, jacket, dress or other part of your wardrobe yourself or you found it in a fashion magazine, we can create anything you like for you.

We offer the following services at Tena tailoring shop:
- Men and women's clothing tailored to measure
- Various kinds of adjustments for men and women's clothing
- Sewing curtains and bed sheets
- Mats (hammocks, coasters) for dogs and car seats.

Having your clothing tailored to your own measurements will make you feel extremely comfortable. Tailor-made skirts and women's pants are available at our shop at very affordable prices.

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 1PM and 2PM - 6PM
Saturdays: 9AM - 3PM

We can make anything you can imagine!
Tailoring shop Tena, Belgrade.