Telecommunications Belgrade

Address: 4 Osmana Djikica st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/2080-220, 2765-533, 2752-979, 065/6098-858, 069/2187-742, fax: 2752-480
Website: www.pcpress.info

4/ 5stars

Magazine PC PRESS is first and foremost intended for people who professionally use PCs. It started as the first private computer magazine in Yugoslavia, at the beginning of April 1995, when the first, pilot edition, showed up on the stands. The magazine comes out once a month, with the summer dual number July-August. It is in sale on the 5th of the month. PC PRESS is a modernly designed publication which is entirely computer prepared and printed in full color, on the highest quality paper. The magazine has from the starting 84, grown to 160 pages, and with every number you get a special bonus, a 32 page book which represents a detailed description of a computer usage or a concrete program package.