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The tourist company R-TOURS was founded in 1993 and its main activity as a tour operator is the eastern market. A certain exclusiveness that we as a company have on the Russian market, made cruising down Volga, Dnjepr and Bajkal the most attractive part of our offer. A special perk our travelers have is the fact that while on a tourist travel in Russia, our Vaucher has the validity of a visa that doesn't have to be secured. The agency has contracts with almost all international airline companies so that you can via us book tickets for all world destinations.
The ship Vladimir Majakovski - luxurious tourist ship with the capacity to carry over 300 passengers leads You for a beautiful cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg. The cruise last for 10 days, with organized excursions to Moscow, St Petersburg as well as other beautiful places in Russia (Uglic, Jaroslavlj, Gorici, Kizi Island) that we will take You through on this cruise.
Cruising the Dnjepr - with a luxurious tourist ship Marsal Kosevoj, lasting 10 days, includes sightseeing of ancient towns in Ukraine. Zaporozje , Odesa - the pearl of Ukraine with its famous cultural historic monuments, Sevastopolj - the city made out of white stone with its history dating since 500 B.C., Jalta - the most famous summer resort with its Mediterranean climate and beautiful hotels, restaurants and beaches.
Cruising the Bajkal, the ship Aleksandar Vampilov, lasts 8 days and includes visits to the following destinations: Irkutsk, Uskanjska islands, Island Olhon-legendary place of birth of the god of Bajkal- Burhan etc. They call lake Bajkal also the Siberian see, a unique natural complex with very rich wildlife, untouched nature gives extreme possibilities for tourism and rest.