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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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Saturday 10:00 - 15:00
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Business conditions of our company VELTEH Pro from Belgrade have been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Prices on the site are in dinars, with VAT tax. For discounts on larger quantities please contact our wholesale sector at 011 / 2414-476.

Payment Methods
1) Payment per invoice issued
2) Payment after recieving the goods by express mail (BEX, Post Express, Aks, etc.)
3) Deferred payment with a bank guarantee to a maximum of 60 days, with the prior approval of the Director of Sales.

Prices shown on the site are in RSD with VAT.

Goods that you order during the day until 16:00 at your expense (for amounts below 10,000 without VAT) or at our expense (for amounts above 10,000 without VAT) are delivered via express mail or courier. Our contractual obligation is associated with BEX courier service, in case you do not match the same in agreement with our commercial branch we can send instructions to another company for transport which can be taken only from our warehouse. For all the products we have in stock, if delivery is limited to 2 days. In case you do not receive the goods within the specified period, you need to contact us by phone or via e-mail. Shipping is not limited amount and quantity.

The buyer has the right to return purchased products that were not damaged ie. without opening the packaging in which the products are packed. In case of return of goods buyer bears the costs of recovering the goods (delivery costs from the buyer to the seller). The products must be unused and unopened in original packaging, sent to all expenses paid.

If the goods are paid through bank accounts of the customer submits the bank account number and bank name that is required to return the funds. Seller returns the total amount before shipping the latest within 15 days of receiving the goods. The seller is not obliged to receive the goods to ransom, or shipments that do not meet the conditions under which you can return the goods. In the event that the customer cancels the purchase, the money is paid, it is obliged to apply for a refund. In the event that the buyer make a payment amount that is less than the amount to which the media pro-forma invoice, it shall be deemed that a sale is not completed until the time until you pay the amount in full.

Employee Communication with customers as well as all their obligations to customers of the product carried out in a professional manner that will ensure that the requirements and expectations are always met on time, and whenever possible.
Employees of the company VELTEH Pro will try to improve business relations with their clients in order to ensure that kvalitenijih products with best prices.
Employees of the company VELTEH Pro will respect the laws and ethical principles in order to maintain a good status and reputation in the business environment.
Company management VELTEH Pro will set goals that are necessary to meet the users of the product and manage all resources in a way that will allow the reduction of operating costs and efficiency at work.

How is the delivery done?
Delivery is made by BEX or other courier service to the address you specify when ordering. If during delivery you are not at home, you are notified that you pack waiting at the courier or you will be prompted to contact your phone that you left when you order. In this case, please do it as soon as you download, because the courier package is automatically returned to the sender (us) after 4 days of standing in their warehouse.
Deadlines for delivery?
The most common orders are delivered within 1-2 business days after order confirmation.
How are cash payments handled for individuals?
Ordered goods are paid in cash on delivery. If the ordered goods pays cash to order means you pay the courier when downloading packages. The buyer bears the cost of transport according to the applicable conditions courier. For amounts over 3000.00 RSD bears the costs of transport VELTEH Pro.
How do businesses pay for orders?
Legal entities pay via wire transfer. Through pro-forma invoice or delayed with the bank guarantee. For advance payments we send the goods only after payment passed.


VELTEH PRO DOO TV, video and audio supporters Beograd
VELTEH PRO DOO TV, video and audio supporters Beograd
VELTEH PRO DOO TV, video and audio supporters Beograd
VELTEH PRO DOO TV, video and audio supporters Beograd
VELTEH PRO DOO TV, video and audio supporters Beograd
VELTEH PRO DOO TV, video and audio supporters Beograd
VELTEH PRO DOO TV, video and audio supporters Beograd
VELTEH PRO DOO TV, video and audio supporters Beograd
VELTEH PRO DOO TV, video and audio supporters Beograd

Methods of payment