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Main activity of Scan Information Systems is installing a protective power supply in all areas of work.

In addition Scan IT Ltd. offers complete IT solutions, systems integration, provides IT consulting, digitization of archival materials and support in order to solve the business problems of its clients.

Installation of UPS uninterruptible power supply is a great way to protect your business-critical systems, but it is not enough to ensure uninterrupted 24/7 power supply. UPS components and UPS batteries can malfunction if they are not regularly and properly maintained.

Regular and planned maintenance program should be considered a key part of any continuous UPS system.
Firma Scan IT Ltd. Offers:

* UPS-s (uninterrupted power supply) of all levels and from various manufacturers * battery pack of any size and type * we also provide maintenance and testing of all types of UPS devices * in special circumstances and areas where it is necessary to design the device according to customer, or customer needs , we are able to fulfill the expectations and meet the most demanding customers * preventive and regular maintenance of all equipment UPS

To ensure the highest level of system reliability and to reduce the risk, we suggest you sign the optional maintenance contracts for UPS system or regular annual service, which will increase the reliability and reduce the labor cost breakdowns of your system.

Scan IT Ltd. Unlike other vendors is not only related to one manufacturer, so that alone can offer UPS (Uninteruptible Power Suply) at the best price and the best technical criteria.

Our product range includes many UPS manufacturers such as:
- Power Walker
- Samurai
- General Electric
- Trust
- Cyber Power
... and many others.