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Van goods transportation Belgrade
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"Transporation Stosic Ivan" is a company whose main activity is transport, the organization coordinating and moving to the city, intercity and international transport. Professional and reliable service is the result of years of work and experience. If you want your move to pass by with least possible stress and worry, please contact us with confidence and our professionals will do the best job in the shortest possible time! Telephone: 011/25-71-606, 065/999-02-09, 065/25-71-606 The services you provide are the following: • moving services, van and truck transportation • loading, transport, unloading • assembling and disassembling furniture • transport of special loads (safes, pianos ...) • removal of old furniture and unnecessary things • packaging and protection of things with the guarantee • Services free moving estimates of your • International Moving • Moving Company Moving is one of the largest and technically most complicated step in human life. Only when you actually decide to move and go to sort and package things is when you begin to understand what really happens in an average home and how much hard work it all is. It is hard to find a sufficient number of boxes, all of sufficient size that can fit into them without having to be strong enough to endure the complicated process of moving. After all pack the most important decisions in the agency for moving is the best. Belgrade is a city in which there is a wide selection of everything including the agency to move and it's hard to choose which is most reliable, best and cheapest. Moving company Prevoz011 is a company that is engaged in professional transportation, transportation, furniture, home appliances, household appliances, and any compact or bulky items from one location to another. We carry professional moving and we have a reliable delivery vehicles so you can be sure to give us the truck will not deteriorate over time and that your belongings are at risk. Adapt to your needs and in terms of time because they hold non-stop moving. We'll come to you whenever you to answer and make a move from 00-24. Aware of how much you are under pressure for moving to another city and we will make sure that you at least the technical part of the make careless moves that you have plenty of time and energy to deal with other more important matters about your life in another city.