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  • Address: 66 Kraljice Natalije st., Savski venac
  • Phone: 011/3619-240

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"Pivo i Kobaja" - Five years of true friendship

Vladan Krcadinac took two decades of experience working in distribution in hospitality and turned it into the realization of his dream - the pub "Pivo i kobaja". It all started as a humble idea - to make...
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Fedja Dimovic and Bosko Cirkovic: To us, the streets of Belgrade are a metaphor for life

Fedja Dimovic and Bosko Cirkovic the members of the Belgrade syndicate and Dorcol boys "in their best years" continue to throw down bars with the same intensity as two decades ago. Talking to 011info,...
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Medicine of prehistoric Belgrade

The time of colds and viruses is upon us! Whether you watch your health or not (whatever that may mean)...
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Bajloni brewery: the smell of beer over Balkans

Belgraders enjoyed beer as a beverage as early as the 19th century. Namely, inside a certain building...
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