Vehicle Testing Belgrade

Address: 127a Ustanicka st., store 11, Konjarnik
Belgrade Phone: 011/347-1225, 060/413-2025 // 011/347-8971// 060/313-2014

4.5/ 5stars

Car dealer NOVAKOVIĆ in cooperation with the Agency for vehicle registration KVAZAR for eight years gives confidence to their services and have a quality relationship with their clients of. In order to service that follows up with the times on a technical review of AK Novakovic is possible to extend the registration of your vehicle for 10-15 min without going to the police.

Business with GSP, MI, RTS, SUD, PUC, EDB, the Army are just some of the state-owned companies, which in our register their vehicles at the cheapest city with the most appropriate opportunities (conditions) of repayment.

Placed on high-speed lines, our inspection has the most modern equipment, which allows high-quality and accurate view of the brake system.

If the quality measure of money then I belong to one of them, but we are sure cheaper than others.