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Vitamin bars Belgrade

Useful information

FitBar restaurant concept is based on the preparation of high-quality ingredients, followed by an open kitchen and a willingness to offer a diverse and outstanding service and respond to the most demanding guests. Frequently you can only see your meal once it's prepared and brought to you, but in FitBaru food is prepared on site and gives you the opportunity to see for yourself the perfect blend of fresh and selected ingredients.

FitBar and nutritionists for you
The harmony of vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, protein and fat is hard to achieve in a meal. We wanted to provide for both ourselves and our clients consistent meals in all respects. Therefore, we consulted a nutritionist about compiling FitBar menu.

FitBar CATERING allows you to offer your employees, friends and business partners delicious snacks and refreshing bites! Our current capacity is up to 50 servings. Call us and find out more about this service!

In order to provide you with the highest quality food ingredients included in the preparation of your meals we seek premium quality and we supply them on a daily basis!

Vladimir Popovic 44 | ext. 4th
New Belgrade
+381 62 348 227
Office Hours | Mon-Fri 08-20h | Sat from 09h to 17h

FitBar for you!


FIT BAR Vitamin bars Beograd
FIT BAR Vitamin bars Beograd
FIT BAR Vitamin bars Beograd