Vitamins Belgrade

Address: T.C. Cumicevo sokace 2, ulaz iz Nusiceve, lokal 129, sprat I
Belgrade Phone: 011/3240-327

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AMG Sport was founded 5 years ago and it works in production of addition to nourishment of athletes like proteins, gainers, vitamins, minerals, energetic products and other. So far there are 5 shops in the most prominent centers in Belgrade: -Cumicevo Sokace, local 129, I floor, phone: 011/3235-895 – T.C. City Hall 79 Pozeska Street, local 310, phone: 011/2545-933 – 20 Cara Dusana Street, Zemun phone: 011/3169-779, 063/559-949 – 63 Bulevar Oslobodjenja, across FRANS, next to restaurant ODMOR, phone: 011/2453-540 - Jurija Gagarina 149a, TC Piramida, lokal 31, prizemlje tel: 011/3185-499 For clients not from Belgrade we mail the goods.
In our shops you can find wide selection of products of well-known world manufacturers such as: ABB, Prolab, California Fitness, Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, nutrisystem, EAS, Twinlab, universal Nutrition, Scitec nutrition, Bio Tech, Champion Nutrition