Waterworks and sewerage


  • Address: 184 Gospodara Vucica st., Voždovac
  • Phone: +381 63 301 139, tel fax: 011 2420 245, 3807 385
  • UNITERM-ECO is a private company specializing in production, trade and services which began work 1996.  Our base activity is projecting and performing home and industrial installation of central heat...
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Osman Ahmed: Art is my elixir of youth

 Solve the association: Santa Claus, clown, painter, Multiethnic attraction, Blue bird. If you at least partially follow the local scene, it is clear to you that the correct answer is Osman Ahmed. In...
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The five 'Star's Stars'

Soccer club Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) has had the tradition of bestowing the title of 'Stars star" to the players who greatly influenced the club's history and who made the club famous around the world...
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How the janissaries killed the mother of Serbs

Hadji Mustafa Sinik-oglu who was the vizier of Belgrade between 1893 to 1801 was the fiercest opponent of the janissaries and fought against their return to power in Belgrade and Constantinople. Namel...
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