Waterworks material Belgrade

Address: 184 Gospodara Vucica st., Voždovac
Belgrade Phone: 063/301-139, tel/fax: 011/2420-245, 3807-385
E-mail: unitermeko@sbb.rs
Website: www.uniterm-eko.co.rs

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UNITERM-ECO is a private company specializing in production, trade and services which began work 1996. 

Our base activity is projecting and performing home and industrial installation of central heating, air-conditioning, gas installations and waterworks as well as trade of components for the above mentioned as retail and wholesale. 

In our program we offer products made by renown home and global manufacturers such as All-Therm, Grundfos, Wilo, Herz, Caleffi, Elbi, Stadler, Ferrero, Danfoss, Ekopan-plus, Megal Bujanovac, Zavarivac Zajecar and many others whose products we obtain as direct importers and general representatives or distributors for other importers.

Uniterm-eko deals in construction and production of tools for casts and plastic manufacturers in our own workshop which uses numerical machines.

Uniterm-eco in cooperation with "Miraz" and "Centroklima" offers services in production and installment of construction locksmithing and tinsmithing. 

Uniterm-eco offers their clients free expert advice in our area of expertise while relying on our vast experience and education of our employees.