Wellness Belgrade

Address: 43a Strahinjica Bana st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 011/2633-008

4/ 5stars

The unique space in the city is equipped with "real" Pilates equipment. In addition to the ball and mat the first time they appear and so-called "Reformer" and pilates chair of the Canadian company STOTT PILATES is a leader in the production of these types of equipment. Different types of pilates exercise pilates for beginners, Pilates for advanced lifters, Pilates programs for pregnant women and Pilates programs for women in afterchildbirth period. Unique machine in the area working on the principle electrostimulation of the muscle. For 20 minutes of active exercise the whole body or only a part. Massage part consists of three separate massage cabins. It is equipped with massage beds Cluptzu German company, leader in the industry. In addition to classical relax, sport, anti-cellulite massage, rehabilitation, or offer a number of procedures and treatment of the body. Unlike traditional saunas where temperatures and up to 110 ° C, the infrared sauna temperature does not exceed 50 ° C, which means that it is much easier to submit, but at the same time, thanks to infrared rays that heat the deep tissue and muscles, the effect is far better. It is extremely popular in the struggle with cellulite, and with a combination of massage and spa procedures are achieved great satisfaction and excellence. Fitness and Cardio Zone is equipped with the latest cardio and strength machines with the possibility of individual training with top trained personnel. Each bar has its TV run, in which during the exercise, you can watch your favorite TV show. Latest strength machines are adapted to women and women's "critical areas".