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Belgrade Yoga Center brought together teachers trained and educated in the Satyananda Yoga tradition. Satyananda Yoga is a gradual, systematic, and time tested system exercise of body and mind, in a comprehensive manner. What is an integral system cleanliness studying, studying and passing hundreds of years, the original intact-integrated manner.

Satyananda Yoga system is adapted to today's time and made with the sole motive to meet the needs of modern man, giving him the ancient methods adapted to the present time. Using this method it is possible to find and maintain balance in spite of the stress, tension and turmoil in their lives. Today is Satyananda yoga in many countries successfully integrated into various areas primarily medicine and education. Also different programs are techniques used in the following areas: education, health care, programs for athletes, rehabilitation programs, prison, hospital programs, and programs made for the needs of corporations and military purposes. Given the enormous breadth and comprehensiveness of this tradition, we are able for the first time in Belgrade to offer other than the standard yoga classes, and specific programs such as the raja yoga, yoga for pregnant women, yoga nada yoga zvuka.Takodje, following the needs of modern life set we have a program for your spine and joints, yoga for children, classes in English, as well as a specially designed program of corporate-yoga classes for employees. We invite you to a weekend-day yoga program, which can be designed for beginners as an introduction to yoga, but is held in the form of a program for more advanced practitioners, in order to deepen the experience, and learning new advanced practice.