Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 6 Visegradska st,, Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 011/361-3213, 063/350-353, 064/110-6778
E-mail: gpc@bitsyu.net

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Specialist Clinic for Dentistry Dr Perovic (Belgrade) - provides all types of dental treatment.

Our pioneering start in implantology began in 1970. Prof. Dr. Jovan Perović who is a successful specialist in implantology with us, bases his extensive experience practicing dentistry in 1957 and is the author of over 15 published books and the recipient of numerous public recognitions.

Specialistist dentist Dr. Goran Perovic 36 years of experience and the dentist Dr. Bozidar Perovic, a prospective doctor to whom all doors were open to the family of quality, reliability, experience and skills in the work using the latest equipment and the best quality materials from world's leading manufacturers.

The reliability and quality of our work is completed by two sisters Mirjana Pumpalović and Sanja Jakovljevic, always ready to help the patient and to make a pleasant atmosphere.

It is our
great pleasure to make your stay in the atmosphere of relaxed calm enjoyable and put a smile on your face because they are best indicators of our work and effort.

Your visit to the dentist is certainly completely painless, which guarantees the latest generation of anesthetics. The most modern materials and technology combined with years of experience, will satisfy all your medical and cosmetic purposes. We guarantee the highest standard of service and reasonable prices.

Our dental office offers a range of services from free initial examination and consultation with a dentist, to complex implant and surgical procedure.
Our professional dental team will provide you excellent professional dental care and diagnostics.

- Cosmetic Dentistry
- Implantology
- Oral surgery
- Endodontics
- Periodontics
- Prosthetics
- Teeth whitening
- Diagnostics

For all our services we guarantee.
Contact us with confidence and make an appointment for a free examination and consultation. The basic principle of our work is an individual approach to each patient.

We are located in Belgrade in Visegrad Street. 6, apartment 2 - ground floor.

Visit our cozy and friendly atmosphere and have a superior treatment with the latest technology and equipment.