Spa centers Belgrade

Address: 4 Njegoseva st. // 33 Bregovita st, Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 060 3358 770

4.5/ 5stars

Saruna’s fitness concept offers programmes based on your diagnosed health condition, your sporting and recreational preferences and/or rehabilitation. Our programmes are strictly tailored to every member’s own needs and physical condition and approved by a doctor and professional trainers. They are suitable for people aging from 7 to 75 and for all psychological and physical capabilities.

In our clubs we conduct exclusively personalized programmes which are completely adjusted to every individual member’s needs, wants and of course abilities. Our programmes are based on comprehensive work-outs and their efficiency is continuously supervised. All of which is done by professional physical education specialists.

In our representative clubs we can offer you:

Cardio-vascular equipment.

Including: treadmills, elliptical trainers, bicycles, stepper exercise machines, rowing equipment and much more...

Isotonic equipment.

Consisting of a full line of devices, Olympic benches, weights and dumbbells, adjustable benches and racks, sit-up benches and much more.

Personal fitness testing and analysis

We use cutting edge methods to test your physical shape and overall health condition. Discover your true starting point both for fitness training and health in general thanks to our years long experience and professional staff. We will provide a personal Fitness and Wellness profile for you.

Biometric testing

We measure your blood pressure, fat tissue thickness, cardio-vascular capacity, strength, flexibility and more.

Recommended from our programme:

Manual Massages:

-          relaxation massage
-          sports therapy massage
-          anti-cellulite massage
-          reflexology
-          pressure point feet massage to release negative energy
-          cosmetic face and chest massage
-          volcanic stone massage
-          chiropractic massage

Hydro and air massage

After your manual massage you can relax in a hydro-massage bath in a pleasant environment. It is located in the massage room itself so you can use it interchangeably with the massages.

Sauna room

If you wish to glow even after a hard day’s work or retreat from everyday obligations for a short while, we recommend our Sauna room. Recover your energy in pleasant surroundings, to the sound of soothing music and the scent of essential oils. Within the Sauna room you can also use the Finnish sauna and Jacuzzi tub with hydro-air massagers and phytotherapy (max capacity: four people). We guarantee privacy, peace of mind and an unforgettable feeling of relaxation.

Wellness and Spa Zone offers:

15 meter indoor pool on the Hotel’s ground floor (with the possibility of opening glass doors during summer periods), open tennis court (protected by a dome during winter), fitness zone, solarium and a vitamin bar.

Fitness Zone

Designed according to the strictest criteria of modern recreation. Here you can exercise using cutting edge equipment and with the aid of professional personal trainers. We’ve recently introduced Power Plate, a state of the art exercise machine which works through vibrations to stimulate your body’s natural reaction to vibrations. Power Plate opens up a new dimension in recreation and can be used by people of all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities.