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Address: 17/13 Mitropolita Petra st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 011/329-2478, 011/3292-376, 063/107-3530

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Mediante is a full-service translation company in Serbia.

We provide translation and interpreting services to corporate clients nation- and worldwide. All services are provided by a team that consists of experienced translators, proofreaders, language specialists and native speakers.

Why choose us?

* Superior quality along with competitive rates and flexible pricing policy.
* Translation from and to most European and Asian languages.
* Highly skilled and experienced specialists in all areas of translation.
* Continuing education along with individual approach to clients’ needs.
* Multilevel quality control.
* Honoring agreed deadlines for delivery.
* Confidentiality/Confidentiality of all data is strictly protected.

We provide the following services:
- Written translations
Highly specialized texts
Literary translations

- Interpreting services
Consecutive Interpreration
Simultaneous Interpretation

- Additional services
Certified translations
Proofreadimg and editing
Business correspondence
Long project translators
Website translation and localization
Subtitling and synchronizing/voice over

As a special offer, we present to you:

Specific terminology glossaries for our clients.

New “all-inclusive” packages for seminars and conferences including translators, equipment, technical support, recording and general event management.

Language courses abroad for your employees.

* As a special convenience, we are able to provide translations from and into all the languages of the former Soviet Union republics.

Urgent translations 24/7 for our regular clients.
We kindly invite You to contact us at Your convenience and let us take care of the rest. With the intention to make it a successful cooperation, we will evaluate Your order and give You an offer that meets Your demands.
After that, the decision is all Yours!