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The website is our internet store where you can order medicinal magnets from the Mihajlo Pupin institute.

The Mihajlo Pupin institute deals in production of medicinal magnets since 1983.

Our magnets were tested by the Military medical academy under the number 1600_2/83.

At our website you can find IMP products for the areas of : physical therapy, magnetic acupuncture, hemorrhoid treatment, expanded blood vessels, magnet slippers, magnet bracelets, anti-cellulite sweatpants.


You may find information about Mihajlo Pupin Institute as well as our research methods through our certified distributers and these numbers:

Tel   +381   11 317 39 54

Mob   +381  60 0 99 99 57 


The MAGNETOPLUG is a therapeutic aid for treating hemorrhoids using a gentle, mild and extended stimulation of the rectum.

Hemorrhoids are expanded blood vessels on the anal crevice and the end of the colon.

The issue usually occurs when there’s an increased blood pressure in the blood vessels of the pelvis, for pretty much similar reason as the expanded blood vessels on the calves.


Treatment using the MAGNETOPLUG therapeutic aid is done with two independent multipolar magnets shaped like Ts and made out of hard plastics, white colored, with a limiter that has a green or an orange marker.

The inner body is made to provide maximum tolerance of the material in the rectal region so the patient would be comfortable during therapy. The magnets that make up the Polfa-Lodz MAGNETOPLUG set are multipolar in their charge with a defined separation of magnetic poles in a straight line. Thanks to that fact during the therapy the magnetic fields close, creating a magnetic field in the rectum area.

The magnetic field concentration on the surface of MAGNETOPLUG is around 30-40 mT (300-400 Gaus) which is well within the recommended dose of magnetic field that is to stimulate human tissue.

Made by: Mihailo Pupin institute, Belgrade, Serbia

The product was tested and certified in Zvezdara Beograd medical center

Has European certificate CE 1434

All rights reserved by the patent number 1608/83

The price of a Magnetoplug is 5,000rsd

By ordering through our website you can have your purchase delivered for free anywhere in Serbia.

MAGNET SYSTEMS are products where magnets are distributed in acupressure spots. The magnet systems are used for physical therapy.

Back and spine pains are usually lessened by using a magnet system on the back and lumbar area. It contains 36 magnets which are allocated in acupressure points.

Knee pains can be significantly lessened using a knee magnetic system which contains 12 magnets distributed on acupressure points.

Joint pain is successfully lessened by using a hand, wrist and arm magnetic system that has 19 or 12 magnets distributed in acupressure points.

Elbow pains are lessened by using an elbow magnetic system that has 19 magnets allocated in acupressure points.

Shoulder pains are successfully lessened by using the shoulder area magnetic system which has 26 or 20 magnets allocated in acupressure points.




Varicose veins and capillaries are not only an aesthetic problem but also a painful one. This condition is one that only grows worse over the years. The consequences include leg swelling, pains, tension, visible ‘knots’ of blood vessels.

Venomag has a positive effect on reducing inflammatory processes in the skin and subskin tissue. It works on a cellular level by promoting these effects:

Accelerates blood circulation and establishes lymph drainage, increases local temperature, enhances oxygenation and enhances the reduction of fat tissue, resorbs hematoma, eliminates edema, relaxes the muscles, reduces pain, increases skin elasticity, reduces stretch marks and wrinkles, has a positive effect on reducing enlarged blood vessels.




Magnetic slippers AKMA are used for gentle, lasting and extended stimulation of acupressure points in the foot region.

The medicinal anatomic slippers with magnets are designed so that the body and foot will take proper position. One slipper contains 12 micro magnets of AKMA type about 6mm and 12mm large which have a 60 mT power magnetic field on their surface (600 Gaus)

Magnetic slippers promote these effects:


-         Positively influence flat feet and aching feet

-         Proper spine position

-         Reduces bunions

-         Increases peripheral circulation

-         Puts the body in the correct anatomic position

-         Long lasting acupressure using AKMA magnets

-         Facilitates long walking or standing


Call us with questions or to place orders at these numbers:


011 317 39 54

060 0 99 99 57