Acupuncture Belgrade

Address: 11 Zicka st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/3-444-111, 066/3-444-11

4.5/ 5stars

Specialized medical clinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain and physical therapy Analgesis in Belgrade is the first private institution for pain therapy who included a profesional pain medicine specialist on its team.

At our center for pain and physical therapy our patients can recieve the following services>

- Examination where we determine the kind and intensity of the pain through relevant questionnaires as well as the presene or aabsence of neuropathic components.
- Additional diagnostics if required such as EMNG, ultrasound for soft tissue
- Physical therapy
- Psychological support

The plan for conducting therapy at our pain center is individual and includes:
- Medication therapy
- Inter-articulate medication infiltration
- Infiltrating medication to other soft tissues
- Using therapy modalities for physical medicine and rehabilitation

The therapy modalities of physical medicine and rehabilitation that we apply at the pain and physical therapy center include:
- Transcutal electronerve stimulation (TENS)
- H electric current - horizontal therapy
- Laders
- Low-frequency magnetic fields
- Interferrent electrical current
- Duodinamic electrical current
- Galvanization
- Ultrasound
- IR lamps
- Kinetic therapy

Visit us if you are suffering from:
- Neck or back pains (discus hernia, spinal canal stenosis, lumboischialgia, cervixal brachialgia, radiculopathy...)
- Knee, hip, shoulder or elbow pains (gonarthrosis, periarthritis Humer-skapularis, koksartosis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow)
- Musculature pain of various origin
- Neuropathic pains (diabetic polyneuropathy, toxic, metabolism and irradiation polineuropathy, trigeminal neuralgy, post-herpes neuralgy, multiple sklerosis, Parkinsons' disease)
- Complex regional pain syndrome
- Fibromialgia
- Migrene
- Rheumatic pain
- Pain from peripheral nerve injury
- Pain after spinal cord injury
- Pain after cerbovascular insult
- Post amputation pain