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Air-conditioning, service Belgrade

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Useful information

Heating and air conditioning Egal Team is located in Gornjogradska street at 7b in Zemun, and after many years of experience in this field, offers you safety and quality in one place.

The company Egal Team sells equipment for heating and air conditioning. We offer a large selection of heating boilers, water heaters, air conditioners, radiators, as well as measuring and control equipment.

Our main field of work is selling equipment for heating and air conditioning:
- Sale of boilers for heating (boilers, pellet stoves and fireplaces, electric boilers, electric boilers, gas boilers)
- Sale of boilers (clitoris, Centrometal, Termorad)
- Sales of air conditioners (Mitsubishi, Galanz, LG, etc.)
- Sale of the radiator (aluminum, panel, dryers)
- Sale of valves (Caleffi, Herz, giacomini, Fererro, ball valves)
- Sale of copper pipes and fittings (copper fittings, copper pipes)
- Sale pump (Grundfoss, NOVOTERM, Wilo)
- Sale of measuring and control equipment (thermometers, thermal manometers, thermostats, manometers)

We also offer the highest quality equipment for heating leading manufacturers: Bosch, Viadrus, Sime, Centrometal, Ferroli, Ekopan, Trgoelektro, Valiant, Beretta, Protherm, Alfa Plam. We offer a wide range of boilers for all types of heating: solid fuel boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, pellet boilers, stoves and fireplaces.

Pellet stoves are efficient, economical, comfortable and environmentally friendly way of heating your life or business. Pellets are renewable sources of energy and are therefore very environmentally friendly fuel. From the point of view of the functionality of these installations in no way lag behind the oil or gas heating systems, while fuel consumption by up to 40% more cost effective than those fired heating oil.

The company Egal team is different from other similar companies in the speed, efficiency and a wide range of products. To all our customers we offer assistance in the selection of materials and equipment, as well as the superior quality at reasonable prices.
Heating equipment leading manufacturers.
Sale of boilers for heating.

Sales of pellet stoves.
For more information about our products, please contact us by phone or e-mail:
Egal Team D.O.O