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In an attempt to gather the best in the structure of our clients, we believe that the conditions to establish business cooperationwith your company exist. Our global policy is to support and be a reliable partner to customers who trust us. Our company was founded in Belgrade, in 2001, and for four years we have become one of the most successful companies in the design, delivery and installation of technical systems of protection in Serbia and in Montenegro.
In the past we have invested much time, trying to provide as many quality products and find the easiest way to introduce them to you. The pallet of protection system that we offer to the market of Serbia and Montenegro, represents only the world-renowned manufacturers, whose authorized distributors and representatives we are. On the domestic market, we introduce only those products whose application can significantly improve quality of life and working conditions. Our goal is to convey through our consulting knowledge and experience from the most developed countries in order to enable domestic companies to increase their efficiency and productivity. Here are just a few of our strategic partners with whom we have long-term cooperation: I. Anti SYSTEMS: the Paradox Security Systems (Canada) * on Ademco-Microtech Security (UK) * on Visonic (Israel) on Elkron (Italy) on Security Enclosures (UK) on the CQR (United Kingdom) II. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE (CCTV) on the JVC Professional, (Japan) * on Pelco (USA) on the Dedicated Micros (UK) * on Silent Witness (Canada) * on CBC / Computar (Japan) on the Canon (Japan) on EverFocus (Taiwan) on AV Tech (Taiwan) on Vista (UK) * III. Fire systems, Kidde Fire Protection (UK) * on Kentec (United Kingdom) on Terofire (United Kingdom) on Hochiki (Japan) IV. Communication Equipment on KP Electronic Systems (Israel) * (integrated systems for protection) on Kenwood Communications (Japan) (all gamma-mobile radio stations and communication systems) V. LIGHT-SOUND signaling the Premier Hazard (UK) * on Shamrad (Israel) VI. ACCESS CONTROL Position of Technology (Canada) * on the Inner Range (United Kingdom) * VII. PERIMETRIJSKA CONTROL on REMSDAQ (United Kingdom) on GM Technologies (Israel) on Nemtec (South Africa)
Leading position in the field of security systems and communications equipment Sectron earned with its competitiveness, high quality and reliability of built-in equipment, competent professional and technical support. Incontestable proof of this fact are the names and reputation of our clients. We are proud to point out facilities on which we have set up systems of technical protection in Serbia and Montenegro. 1. Cement Factory Novi Popovac the member of Holcim Group in Switzerland - this factory aws designed, construcetd and delivered with a complete system of protection: anti-protection, fire protection, video surveillance system, access control system and control of working time, radio stations for factory security by Sectron. 2. Meat Industry Carnex Vrbas - access control system and control of working hours. 3. Paint and varnish factory Zorka Sabac - fire protection and video surveillance system. 4. Daimler-Chrysler-Yugoslavia video surveillance sound and visual signals for vehicles MUP 5. „Celestial chairs“(nebeske stolice) Kopaonik Hotel - hotel access control system 6. Hotel Riviera Petrovac (Montenegro) - the hotel access control system 7. Fashion Company Belgrade - embedded systems intrusion at all retail outlets in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad and Subotica. 8. Midland Resources Holding Ltd.. Belgrade, 9. DON CAFFE Group - Belgrade - video surveillance, intrusion protection, communication equipment 10. Archives of Serbia and Montenegro - video surveillance system. 11. DELTA AUTO, Verano Motors Belgrade, Banja Luka VERANO MOTORS - supplied and installed sound and light signaling for 1,000 vehicles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia and the MUP of the Republic of Serbian 12. Norway Red Cross - delivered sound and light signals for emergency vehicles that the Norwegian government grants health centers in Serbia. In addition to these clients that Sectron delivered and installed technical protection systems in Serbia and Montenegro there are hundreds of buildings in which our subcontractors built the equipment technical protection that is delivered by Sectron Ltd. Belgrade. Our protection systems are among others in the following facilities: 1) Delta bank - Branches throughout Serbia 2) Agrobanka ad - Branches throughout Serbia 3) Commercial Bank ad - Branches throughout Serbia 4) NIS Jugopetrol - 20 petrol stations 5) Centrobanka ad For all your systemswe give warranty of 1 year, in that period for our clients we provide a free service of the entire equipment. After this period, we offer our clients, servicing and maintenance of equipment on favorable terms.
In order to optimally meet business objectives Sectron Security & Communications is organized into several sections: - Sales Department and marketinag - with the task of introducing new products, contact with clients, conduct informational support, organize advertising and promotional content (presentations, seminars and fairs), contact with suppliers and the like. - Direct Sales Division - responsible for direct sales, directly managed by the stock of equipment, sending goods to customers, as well as maintaining close contacts with them. This is the most important link between Sectron and clients. - Department for design and technical support - are qualified engineers with the task to conduct analysis and prepare projects, provide technical information about goods that are distributed. Designing is done by the most modern criteria, and specialized production programs. - Department of bookkeeping control - responsible for the proper and timely financial relationships with customers and suppliers. - Service - is equipped with modern technical instruments and devices for performing high quality repairs. This department performs the necessary service warranty and after warranty period. Additional information about our company can be found on our website, and any questions you have we are at your disposal.