Alternative medicine Belgrade

Address: 13 Dzordza Vasingtona st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/316-48-84, 065/3399-339, 064/822-40-04
E-mail: ajurvedacentar@mts.rs
Website: www.ajurvedacentar.co.rs

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Ayurveda Centre was established with the goal of eliminating the disease from the life of individuals and society . This is accomplished by educating people to live and act in accordance with natural law .

Activities that the Ayurveda Centre provides:

1) Ayurvedic consultation :

- Preventive , determining your body type, diet, mode of life
- Therapeutic , locating imbalance in physiology and adequate treatment

2 ) Pancha Karma treatment

- Preventive Pancha karma treatment ( revitalization , Detox )
- Therapeutic Pancha karma treatment (depending on the disease )

3 ) Educational programs for personal development

Course Dietetics , making adequate health digestion , metabolism, diet according to body type . This course explains the metabolism , digestion according to Ayurveda , the effect of food on the mind and body , proper food preparation.

Meet your pulse , this course introduces us to understand the pulse of their own reading and how to correct imbalances long before the onset of the disease . Although conventional medicine pulse reflects the state of the cardiovascular system, in Ayurveda it reflects the overall condition of the body , and therefore reveals an imbalance of physiology in its earliest state before the onset of symptoms .

Happy and slim , program to maintain your ideal weight

Prevention, Maintenance physiology in balance so they do not produce toxins , to be aligned with the rhythms of nature (natural Zakonoim ) . Knowledge of immunity and reversing the aging process , techniques for purification of physiology, treatment of minor disorders ( fatigue , constipation, poor appetite , obesity , headaches , etc.).

Yoga, Creating physiological balance and co-ordination of mind and body with simple yoga positions. The program provides some 30 yoga postures and their effect on the mind and body , as well as their correct implementation .

Science of Creative Intelligence, a unique program of 33 lectures, in a simple and interesting way to reveal the secrets of the functioning of Creative Intelligence , and how to use this knowledge to improve their lives .

Technique TM ( Transcendental Meditation ) Simple , natural light , mental technique of deep rest that is practiced twice a day for 15-20 minutes sitting comfortably with the eyes closed . During the exercise the spirit is released deep-rooted stresses

Jyotish , Vedic Astrology , Understanding the natural cycles and their effects on physiology and society. Insight into the design and interpretation of the charts for both individuals and society .

4 ) Educational programs for professional development

- Course prevention
- Course Dietetics
- Yoga classes ( therapeutic )
- Course pulse diagnosis
- Workshop on nutrition and body types
- Course to maintain your ideal weight

Consultant Dietitian , prescription diet according to body type and physical constitution , Ayurvedic technician performs all necessary treatments during Pancha Karma Treatment : abhyanga , Swedes , Basti , Nasya , Sirodhara , širobasti , itd.Ajurveda for health care workers : A comprehensive education (school ) for those who wish to engage in Ayurveda .

5 ) Regular school and practice Yoga in Ayurveda Centre

6 ) Services Ayurvedic restaurant and catering (food is healthy )

7 ) The thematic sessions for club members