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ALL is curable - dietary supplement

Our motto is "ALL is curable," but only if we take health into their own hands and be willing to forfeit, primarily from bad eating habits. Dietary supplements are not a substitute medication but only for what you do not enter in sufficient amounts through diet and these are primarily: B-17, magnesium chloride, Vitamin C - exclusively in the form of Sodium ascorbate and fiber - as an activator of beneficial bacteria in the column, which The regulator found in the work of the colon called the "Column CLEANER - IMUNOSTIMULATOR".

DietFood is a specialized company known for the distribution of dietary supplements.
With supplements, and obtained extensive guidance on the applicability, operation and usage.
DietFood has to offer "HUNZA EXTRACT" apricot kernel (Hungarian B-17), sodium (sodium) ASCORBATE - the best form of vitamin C, magnesium chloride, Low Dose Naltrexone and "Column CLEANER -IMUNOSTIMULATOR". All supplements have registered and are recommended as an alternative to help solve problems such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, multiple, arthritis, hemorrhoids, cardiovascular problems, constipation ... but also for improving immunity and the way to maintain optimal health.

DietFood cooperate with wholesalers, retail, retail stores, "healthy food" and gyms registered for trade supplements.


Dietary supplements can become your main ally in the prevention and fight against the disease. Not only medicine that can help. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOICE when it comes to your health.

Nothing can replace a uniform and high quality food, but there are elements that do not consume enough in the body and is therefore needed their input in the form of dietary supplements.

Sodium ascorbate - the best form of vitamin C, is the first among them. The most powerful antioxidant and antistresor in the body. Vitamin without which no building anything in the body and is obliged to vitamin therapy of cancer.

 Regular intake of large amounts of ascorbate, come to a complete restoration of the body through the renewal of collagen. A renewal of the arteries, atherosclerosis blocks, helps prevent heart attacks and also helps to prevent stroke. In addition, the Sodium ascorbate plays a leading role in the elimination of chronic and acute infections, is extremely helpful to regularly empty the hose and regular bowel movements is the basis and the beginning of health.

For now, only registered Sodium ascorbate in Serbia Sodium ascorbate company "DietFood" doo

Magnesium chloride is next on the list of supplements. It is a mineral that is too deep in the earth to plant it could withdraw, and it does in a regular diet must therefore be taken as a supplement.

 Participates in over 300 enzymatic processes in the body and is extremely helpful in solving svik calcification - pulls calcium from the soft tissues and returns it to the bones and teeth.

This solves the problem of calcification of the breast, ovary, prostate, joints (arthritis and rheumatism), muscle (spasms) and so on. This is the first mineral (dietary supplement) which should be taken when it comes to cancer.

Egypt is one of the few countries in the world that the country has a lot of magnesium and Egyptians him through food entries in sufficient quantities in the body, and with them the CRA is unknown disease.

Proven to help:

for heart disease, arrhythmias and high blood pressure
mood disorders and depression, sleep disorder, nervous strain or anxiety,
in the prevention of migraine
during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
although not with constipation laxative and does not cause "Sloth hose".
One should be careful when buying magnesium chloride because the market appear various forms of this mineral, from the roads to the spreading Nigarija, from which he makes and sells GEL and none of which has not been registered as a dietary supplement. It is particularly questionable Nigar because it comes from Japan for Japan, they say, it's there and country parks radioactive. What must it be with the sea where it pulls Nigar. Even pharmacies that sell packs of 33 grams, no registration for magnesium chloride. Always looking for when buying a declaration to show you - if you do not have to thank me, and do not "buy" their story and certainly not their Mg chloride.

 For now, only registered magnesium chloride as a dietary supplement is "DietFood" magnesium chloride.

 "HUNZA" extract of apricot kernel oil, the original Hungarian form of vitamin B17 (laetrile), and this is a Norwegian site of the "Hunza": taking "Hunza" capsule, compensates for the insufficient intake Nitrilosida

 When we replace millet bread from wheat, cattle stopped to feed the white clover, stopped to nibble pitted apricots, we stopped to consume a sufficient amount of Nitrilosida. Many called it UBICOM tumors. and their problem with cancer, solving therapy, which includes "HUNZA" extract of apricot pits. Of course this is not a drug and is not intended to treat only helps in solving problems in cancer. Cancer (CRA) can successfully be solved in several ways but, no matter which way you choose, you should always keep in mind the text, oncologist Dr. Čikarić, published in the journal "Cancer" in the number of Sept. 85 2012.

Cytostatics are the cancer cells in vitro embodiment destroyed in toto. However, solid malignant tumors, surrounded by healthy tissue, responded to chemotherapy in an unexpected way.

Initially, a cytostatic treatment there was a partial tumor regressions. By continuing chemotherapy there was a progression: rapid cell division of cancer, primary tumor growth and infiltration of surrounding healthy tissue and metastatic spread to distant organs.

All of these supplements are registered with the Ministry of Health of Serbia, previously passed all tests at VMA, the City Department of Public Health and the Faculty of Pharmacy has approved the declaration.

It should be borne in mind that each therapy, especially those with the most serious health problems, you should start by cleaning Colona (colon), preferably - a total, which can no laxatives or enemas usual. This is only possible "Colon Hydro-therapy" in special institutions or Kolon regulator, which "DietFood" distributed under the name "column CLEANER - IMUNOSTIMULATOR". It is not a laxative, enema and not cleaning is done through regular discharge - one or two a day.

 For smaller daily intake is regulated entirely the work of the colon, activating the beneficial bacteria in it and which acts as a paradox, as regulated as constipation (JAIL) and diarrhea (diarrhea). It acts as an exceptional IMUNOSTIMULATOR and greatly helps with the removal of excess water, even with protection, from the body.

"DietFood" can help when it comes to autoimmune diseases, such as multiple, LUPUS, HRON (Chrono), colitis, and the like. A possible solution is LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) using ALA_e (Alpha Lipoid Acid - Alpha Lipoic Acid). Equally effective this combination leaving it with quitting addictions: drugs, alcoholism ......


DIETFOOD Alternative medicine Beograd
DIETFOOD Alternative medicine Beograd
DIETFOOD Alternative medicine Beograd