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Attractions Cukarica

Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija is an artificial peninsula on the river Sava in Belgrade and also the name for the Sava artificial lake, created by sectioning off a part of the river and the beach. Over the years the Ada has been transformed into a very popular recreational...
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The Belgrade horse racetrack is located near “Careva cuprija”, one of the oldest sport objects in Belgrade. The property had been given to the Danube’s riders’ association “Knez Mihajlo” for free usage by king Alexander himself, as early as the year 1920....
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The forest-park Kosutnjak is located near the Topcider park and the castle of Milos. The first mentions of this area can be found in scriptures dating from 1813 which speak of a dense oak forest. After the castle of prince Milos had been built, a protective...
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