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Dedinje Royal court

The royal court is encompassed in the royal complex, along with the White palace, on an estate about 135ha large, on top of the tallest hill in Dedinje. Located nearby is also the royal chapel of St. Andrew, connected with the court by a row of pillars. Foto: The...
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Dimitrije Davidovic’s house of birth

The house in which Dimitrije Davidovic was born is a historical monument and a cultural asset of great importance for the city of Belgrade. It is located on the corner of Main and Davidovic’s street and is a complex structure which is oriented around...
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Dr. Sava Nedeljkovic’s Home

Dr. Sava Nedeljkovic’s home in Zemun was filed as a historical monument and located at the corner of the New Town and Cara Dusan no. 41. The house was built in 1905, as the angular, residential town house with an "L" shaped basis for Dr. Sava Nedeljkovic....
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