(47 Kosovska street)

The project for the building that housed the main switch was made by Assistant Professor from the University of Belgrade , Branko Tanazević . The building was built in 1908 at the corner of Kosovo and Palmoticeva Streets, which later enabled telephone installations for 6000 subscribers. Together with the telephone exchange, in the same building were located the postal and telegraph services, combining all current communications in one place.
Interestingly, originally the building was to be built on the regulation line of Kosovska street , but instead was placed in the street because there was already an old building switch there. Even the author of the project, Branko Tanazijević , vehemently opposed this, among other reasons, because this building was against the then civil law.

The building was subsequently received a third floor after the First World War, and since 1981 has been under state protection as a cultural heritage of great importance.

Foto: Milena Arsenić