The monument to George (Djordje) Petrovic-Karadjordje is a bronze sculpture, 3.2m tall, which is located in front of St.  Sava’s temple in Belgrade.
George Petrovic, the leader of the first Serbian uprising, earned the nickname ‘Black George’ (Karadjordje) from the Turkish army thanks to his military successes and this is still how he is called by the people today. He began his fight against the Turkish rule in his youth – first as a haiduk (a brigand, outlaw) and then as a member of the volunteer army in the Austro-Turkish war. After the Janissaries returned to Belgrade he rejoined the haiduks and was eventually elected as the leader of the rebellion in the assembly in Orasac. He led the fight for the liberation of Belgrade in 1906 and left Serbia after the uprising in 1813. He returned in 1817 only to be killed on prince Milos Obrenovic’s order.

Foto: Pavle Kaplanec