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Belgrade man Filip Ribac is a part of the team from "Nasa 1. Pekara" bakery. The man who in 2015 at 17 years of age was the youngest contestant in the European baker's championship. Among 12 countries of Europe Filip got into the top three teams and went to the world championship.

He won the title: Best young baker from Serbia and the national representative in the global baker's championship "COUPE LESAFFRE"!

As told by the jury of experts, Filip is the "most promising young hope".

The baked goods and stuffings that Filip made melted in the mouth. Even though he was the youngest member of his team he's already a master. Everything he does he does with skill, ease and enjoyment.

The baker's trade is difficult, you have to work during the night. In order for the baked goods to be fresh at 6 in the morning you have to start at 10 in the night, just when the nightlife begins - Filip says - My father feels I still have a lot to learn before I can take over the trade although he admits I have a gift. The first time when I tried baking something was when I helped my father make some rolls when I was 12. At first everyone thought it was just beginner's luck but it just kept repeating. Without a doubt you have to love this work if you want to make delicious baked goods. My father gave me the recipes for some of our specialties and I keep them a secret - only the two of us know all the ingredients.

In addition to Filip, Miroslav Milosavljevic also presented excellently and won the title of The best baker in Serbia in producing artistic works and the national representative in the baker's world championship "Coupe Lesaffre".

Miroslav also belongs to the team of our bakery!