Bars and night-clubs Belgrade

Address: 30a Dobracina st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 061/6164-393

4.5/ 5stars

Where does wine flow?

A tucked-away place in the city with a unique concept and the aim to awaken in everyone the true love of hedonism and good companionship. In fact, it all started from the personal desire to give the city a famous place where everyone will be able to fully stiate their appetite  while paying a minimal fee.

Pub / bar 'FIVE ZERO' in addition to its tucked-away location offers a rich selection of drinks from around the world, both in taste and quantity.

Gigantic portions of cocktails, beer, hot drinks and freshly squeezed juices from the minimum amount of 0.5L do so. Monstrosities of 3L with an interesting way of serving and at extremely low prices for an even more comfortable socializing I beg of traffic jams.

'Five Zero' does not attempt to set a record attendance, or to attract the attention of Jet Set's, but to make every guest feel at home, and above all, time to accommodate as many alternative bands, unknown artists and creates a chain of unusual and innovative cultural and artistic events.

Even just an ordinary stay in the bar, where there is no specific events is interesting due to unforeseen acts of personnel through small signs of attention and humor.

Working time:
- Sunday - Wednesday: 10-01h;
- Thursday-Saturday: 10-02h

Are you thirsty?