Bars and night-clubs Belgrade

Address: 22 Despota Djurdja st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2615-906

4.5/ 5stars

In the now faraway 1998 in Zemun, right on the edge of a hill above Danube, between the suburbian homes and gardens, rails were set and on them a train car.

This is where a new new restaurant appeared. Despite the fact they named it BALKAN EXPRESS, when the neighbours and most loyal customers named it "VAGON" (car) and this name stuck until today. Swaying in the waves of Danube and in the greenery of Banat, bathing in the sounds of bells from churches and ship sirens, spiced by the scents of water, earth, grass and flowers, swept in Kosava wind and looking out onto Belgrade, the Balkan experess car has for 10 year patiently been recieving guests and travellers.

BALKAN EXPRESS doesn't care for the fast track and will still remain the last train you can always board because here there is no rush, only enjoyment.