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Address: 1 Cubrina st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 069/344-7964, 011/2626-940, 064/473-5978

4/ 5stars

Barista coffee shop is a conceptual cafe designed by enthusiasts who’ve spent time working abroad to learn and perfect the trade of making and understanding coffee throughout its path from the plantations to the perfect cup. With us we’ve brought ways of preparation, tricks and secrets of the trade which we blended with our perfect hospitality and service.

Barista coffee shop is located at number 1 Cubrina street in Belgrade. We are located in the center of the city and deal primarily in serving different kinds of coffee to our customers in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We also offer free Wi-Fi.

This little oasis is located only two streets away from the popular pedestrian area, the Knez Mihailova street. Our exceptional baristas were trained in the States and are ready to help you discover all the secrets related to coffee brewing and help design a new kind just for you.
For those who don’t enjoy coffee we also serve original fruit and Greek yoghurt Smoothies, warm chocolate, ice tea and other seasonal beverages.

To make our espressos and all other kinds of coffee we use exclusively 100% Arabica coffee. Our wide selection covers the traditional kinds of coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, macchiato and our specials have become widely known, especially our:
- Mocha
- Latte
- Frappuccino
- Breve
- Latte macchiato

All of which you can alter per your preference with many different flavors. All of our beverages can be served with ice or as frappes.
Barista coffee shop didn’t forget our youngest visitors, so for them we have created junior mocha and junior latte, warm flavored milk and other beverages. For all those coffee lovers who don’t have the time to stay and relax with us we also offer coffee to go in three different sizes, including the popular “Enorme” coffee in 500ml size!

Our love for coffee and our vision to nurture and promote the culture of making and drinking coffee along with our customers is what drives us every day.

Working hours:
Grab your favorite kind of coffee or smoothie and spend a wonderful day with us or, at work or on an enjoyable walk!
Barista coffee shop, number 1 Cubrina street, Belgrade.