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The history of coffee goes back to ancient ninth century, when coffee was discovered in the hills of Ethiopia. According to legend, Kaldi - a shepherd, who had a herd of goats, he noticed that his goats after eating red berries from a tree were very lively and full of energy until late evening. Then Kaldi tried the red berries and experienced the same effect. He told the monks from the nearby monastery, who from then on consumed coffee to stay awake during the night prayer. Legend also says that these monks accidentally discovered that coffee beans can be fried and that the drink prepared from the roasted beans not only produces the same effect, but it tastes better. Coffee beans as well as the drink made from them have since been considered a luxury stimuli.
From Ethiopia, coffee is transferred to Egypt and Yemen and by the end of the fifteenth century has arrived in Armenia, Persia, Turkey and North Africa. From the Muslim world, coffee has arrived in Italy, and from there spread to the rest of Europe, Indonesia and America. Today, coffee is one of the most popular beverage in the world. Enjoy the diverse flavors of our coffee Kaldo
Benefits of our coffee shops: attractive location, parking, internet, air-conditioned room, garden, access for persons with disabilities, service "to go" all products, payment cards, always a pleasant atmosphere ... Opening hours: 07:30 to 00:00 every day