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Address: 50 Beogradska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2438-435, 064/2438-435

4.5/ 5stars

A new flavor of coffee in the city!

After Patra, Athens, Glyfada, Crete, Corfu, Solun and Cyprus, Belgrade has finally gotten its first Coffeebrands cafe from the Greek chain of coffee shops.

The brand originated in 2009 from Patra in the Peloponnesus, when some enthusiasts wanted to bring high quality espresso to a large number of consumers. Through will, persistence, relentless research and advancing quality of their products in six years they have won an enviable market position in Greece and Cyprus and as of last year they have began to spread to other countries in Europe.

Our trademark is the finest, sophisticated espresso of ful flavor, irresistible and strong aroma, warm Mocha, unique tastes of dark and light Chocolatinna.

The specialty of the house are definitely our cold beverages - Freddo Cappuccino, Freddo Espresso, Nesscafe Frappe, Ice Mocha, Ice Chocolatine, Granite the likes of which you probably haven't had since you visited Greek beaches.

The cafe is located at 50 Belgrade street and invites citizens of Belgrade and hedonists who can enjoy the sophisticated taste of coffee, students, high-schoolers and employees, our neighbors of Vracar to come visit us and try our high quality coffee and chocolate at unique prices.

All those who'd like to enjoy good mood, warm atmosphere and welcoming baristas are invited to visit our sanctuary in the eventful Belgrade street where they can enjoy themselves in sunshine and peace.

It's not uncommon for our customers to request Greek music, some Greek brandy and then suddenly a completely ordinary day becomes festive and full of music and smiles.

We organize student evenings and birthdays, which is when the establishment is full of youth and beauty.

Soon we are starting our new Delivery cafe which we are eagerly anticipating.

Students of the Law university and the walkers of Tasmajdan - get ready for us!