Bars and night-clubs Belgrade

Address: 7 Rankeova st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2446-012, 062/221-873

4.5/ 5stars

When you want to feel comfortable, it's nice to come to some new exotic place and for that you do not have to travel far from here. It is enough to go to a quiet part of old Vracar near the Temple of Saint Sava at 7 Rankeova Street where the Villa is tucked among the other old, nice homes ... The villa was built back in the 1926, was renovated in the shop that you will not leave you indifferent! The atmosphere exudes exotic Far East and ancient pieces of furniture from our grandmothers, all this enhances the details impeccable taste themselves owners. This kind of speaking, "chain stores" detonated a mask in addition to the namesake stores authentic Indonesian furniture, located in Vlajkoviceva street.
However, the greatest credit for originality in interior and exterior is attributed to the imagination of the owner. New Villa mask continued the tradition and concept of the old, (at the corner of Ranke and Branicevo street) with what the new shop a lot more spacious (300m2) and exudes a relaxed atmosphere. Wherever you look you will know that each lamp, mirror, chair, the figure stands to reason precisely in that place. Greatest of all is that if you are a detail very interesting, can become yours, because most of the items for sale. Fairy Mask opened a large restaurant gardens. In a sea of green, except for the standard offer of food, you can enjoy in different kinds of cakes.
Do not reveal too much, we will only tell you that when you step into a new "Villa mask" you will have the impression that you have just lived in black and white movie! Address: Rankeova 7, Belgrade; Reservations by telephone: 011/244 60 12 Opening hours: daily from 08:00 to 01:00 Sundays from 10:00 to 01:00 Kitchen from 10:00 - 23:00
Starters - Cheese Mix with fruit and walnuts (Gorgonzola, brie, peace, Emmental) - Beef Carpaccio (steak slices, rucolla, parmesan) - Dried ham / Prosciutto of Njegusi - Aubergine / eggplant rolls (grilled aubergine, prosciutto, cheese, spinach, tomato sauce) - Caesar (chicken, bacon, crouton, tomato) - Maredo salad (steak, French fries, balsamic-honey dressing) ...
Pastas - Arabiatta (ground pepper, tomato, garlic) - Aglio-Oglio (garlic, parsley, basil) - Carbonara (bacon, egg, parmesan, sour cream) - Funghi (mushrooms, sour cream) - Florentin (broccoli, chicken, pesto genovesse, garlic) - Bolognese (beef, tomato sauce, parmesan) ...
Main Courses - Steak (beef fillet with a side dish) - Tagliata (sliced beef steak, salad, parmesan, truffles) - Fried chicken rolls (mozzarella, ham, mint, basil) - Chicken “Diavolo” (chicken, lemon juice, herbs, ground pepper) - Chicken breasts “Parmigiani” (chicken breasts fried with parmesan) - Saltimbocca (turkey fillet with dried ham and fettuccini pasta) ...
Side Dishes - Sauce in the style of your choosing - White rise - French fries - Grilled vegetables - Sautéed forest mushrooms - Pepperonata - Potato Vedzis
Pizzas - Margarita - Vesuvio - Capriciosa - Calzone - Quattro Stagione - Quattro Formaggio ...
Deserts - Panna Cotta (cream with dressing of your choosing) - Cheese cake (cheese, biscuit and fruit cake) - Tiramisu (sponge fingers with cream and chocolate) - Pancake (Eurokrem / chocolate cream, ground biscuits) - Jam - Forest fruit - Sugar and nuts