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Professional facial care inspired by nature and modern scientific breakthroughs

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Skin care that we offer at our salon has become an integral and unavoidable part of everyday life. Good skin condition diagnostics and the proper selection of professional cosmetics and salon treatments are the prequisite of having beautiful and cared for skin. On the other hand, only well prepared skin can properly react to the active materials that are present in household skin care products.

At our BEAUTY GROUP CENTER we have worked for many years in the field of professional face and body skin care. With the desire to please our clients while practicing modern cosmetology, we have selected two brands from acclaimed French professional cosmetics manufacturers PAYOUT and DR RENAUD.

PAYOUT is a brand of cosmetics with an excellent international reputation that began work in 1920, guided by the exceptional vision of one woman: NADIA PAYOUT. Far ahead of her times, she was one of the first women doctors in her country and she used her knowledge to achieve many breakthroughs and discoveries in skin care.

Dr Nadia designed the exercise system for the face and a special massage technique which is still practiced as part of the PAYOUT treatment. Today PAYOUT brand is known around the world, present in over 70 countries and offering over 7500 products that you can test and enjoy in treatments and also in luxurious facial creams. Intended for all ages it offer a unique alchemy between innovative formulas and the latest scientific discoveries and sensory perception – excellent texture and delicate aromas.

We’d like to highlight the following:

- Hydratation essentielle – in-depth hydratation treatment with the help of innovative bicellulose collagen mask
- My Payout eclat essentielle – intended for detox based on akai and godgi berries
- Sensi solution – treatment for sensitive skin with brown algae and rice bran
- Techni liss solution – for youthful look without wrinkles of pigmentation

All our products have been clinically tested and their efficiency was proven and confirmed by experts and clients.

Professional care line DR RENAUD – natural cosmetics with organic ingredients is intended for all those who want exclusively natural products. The brand is recognizable for its excellent quality professional home care products. It utilizes over 100 various active ingredients isolated from flowers, fruits andvegetables in formulas made in France and strictly controlled by an independent expert lab.

Each line of prodcts and treatments is based on a plant:
- Hydration based on organic raspberry
- Greasy skin treatment using organic lime
- Sensitive skin treatment based on organic chamomile
- Organic carrot for healthy glowing skin
- Organic rose for mature skin care
- White mulberry bleaching
- BB cream based on apricots
- Body care based on grapefruit

At our salon we also offer the complete line of products from PAYOUT and DR RENAUD lines. All products have been clinically tested and can be used even by those with sensitive skin.

After years of experience our skills aided by the highest quality professional cosmetics can help you solve various skin problems and also generally care for your skin to keep it healthy and beautiful. We offer the following services at our salon:

- Skin examination and expert estimation of your skin condition
- Individual approach to all possible problems and solutions utilizing the latest achievements in cosmetology
- Clinically tested treatments and products for home care.
- Electroepilation of the most delicate areas of the face and body
- Complete privacy in our pleasant ambiance

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It will be our pleasure to assist you at any time.

Dr Jadranka Markovic