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Cavitation is the only non-invasive non-surgical procedure that literally destroys the fat cells in the abdomen, thighs, hips, upper arms and so on.
The newly patented method uses ultrasound therapy, waves of a particular frequency, focused through the skin to a specific depth, targeting fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue. So focused energy waves acting solely on fat cells - membrane rupture, fat is released into the intercellular spaces, and then naturally, using enzymes present distributes fat through the lymphatic system of the body. This treatment is completely painless as possible, after only about 60 minutes it's possible to lose a few hundred grams fat cells forever, and this is indicated by the immediate reduction of volume of about 2-5 cm in places where there are areas of fat or cellulite fat. Head camera glides over the skin of adhesive contact gel, with a slight buzz that is associated with efficiency, and a feeling of warmth and relaxation are the only side effects. Cavitation is the right method for you if you belong to a group of healthy men and women, of all years, average body weight, who can not get rid of some stubborn fat, despite a diet or exercise, and not want to undergo the risks, costs, and recovery of surgical liposuction. Ideal candidates are those with a BMI (body mass index) of 19 to 30 Treatments are done every seven to ten days. ACTION LPG LPG LPG Lift Group offers treatments at a special promotional price. 10 LPG 8,500.00 RSD treatment, please contact us and take advantage of this special promotional offer LPG most natural and effective method of treating cellulite with the help of internationally recognized methods Endermology! - Anti-cellulite program - removal of fat - tighten loose skin - the removal of back pain - Sports injuries - Treatment of post-birth figure - Treatment of scars and burns - treatments before and after liposuction - Treatment of tired and heavy legs - sports massage programs - Relaxation Massage - lymphatic edema RTL radio lifting MOST EFFICIENT TREATMENT no surgical rejuvenation of the face and neck by which one is it for? Radio lifting recommended for people who want to effect lifting but not hiriršku intervention. Performs preventive, 25.te of age, to prevent premature aging, and older people have used to remove visible wrinkles and tighten sagging kože.Postupak is simple, completely safe, painless and does not require any form of anesthesia. Across the region to be treated gel is applied, then crosses a small dome-shaped electrodes, which deliver heat deep into the skin, so the skin surface does not heat up. Lifting effect can be seen immediately after the first treatment. On the forehead and around the eyes, small wrinkles disappear and become significantly shallower deep, nasolabial folds are reduced, and the skin tightens. The neck is first noticed changes in aging skin, after radio waves significantly improved its quality. HOW MUCH OF NEED? Long-term result in the reduction of wrinkles and skin tightening can be achieved with a series of 3-4 treatments at intervals of one month, the cumulative synthesis of new collagen and elastin. Depending on the age and level of boron expressed, to maintain the achieved effects, it is 1 to 2 treatments per year. MIOLIFTING (non-surgical rejuvenation) ** A) Preventative anti-aging treatments for people around 25 to about 35 god.Sa aesthetic and cosmetic preventive measures should begin as early as possible in order to preserve the skin, and its effect is: - to prevent wrinkles - moisture and normalize the skin secretion of fat - maintaining good skin barrier function in all weather conditions, even under conditions of stress and fatigue - healthy, young, beautiful skin is always ** B) Intensive treatment of rapid rejuvenation and retarding aging for about 35 people to about 45 years. The aging process is under way: the visual appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, a drop in the face, chin, dark circles, tired look, signs of stress and lack of freshness ... In this age Mioliftingom the fastest, easiest, almost sensational, returned former freshness, erased from the face up to 10-odd years. Result of: - the complete disappearance of small and fine lines - the disappearance of dark circles, swollen and heavy eyelids - immediately applied and fresh skin - stop further aging (90%) and immediately mitigated and youthful facial contours ** C) treatments rejuvenating mature skin after 45 The Mature skin loses vitalnoisti features, freshness, health and good looks. The skin is relaxed (decreased production of collagen and elastin), color changes (poor circulation), leads to biochemical and mechanical changes ... At this stage, the skin responds to treatment slower and requires more complex program. Miolifting supplementing the laser treatment. Dermodynamic method (see below) accelerates the activation of collagen and elastic fibers, which means better circulation immediately visible .. You need a good and biologically active cosmetics. The effect is: - great refreshment and hydration of the skin - better tension - the return of color and vigor - a long-term slow-aging treatments are ideal Miolifting and after facelift surgery, because they reduce scarring, faster recovery, and the effects are long-lasting operation. IPL laser - the whole body = 400-800 € - whole legs and bikini = 290 € - bikini = 70 € - whole legs = 140 € - hand = 80 € - Half leg = 80 € - earring = 13 € - armpit = 40 € -50 - Breast = 70-130 € - € = 180 back - face = 50 € - € stomach = 20 - = 25 € chin IPL skin treatment IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a new, non-invasive, non ablative rejuvenation techniques, which with the help of light, with a wide range of wavelengths and optimal power impulses without damaging the skin's surface usually solves problems aesthetic facial and body skin (acne and acne scars, sun spots, persistent redness, expressed capillaries, wrinkles, poor tone .. .) Thermal effect IPL is demonstrated by initiating the synthesis of collagen fibers, thickening of the skin matrix and better overall metabolic balance, so that the benefit of treatment IPL manifold, for example. For treatment to remove scars or hyperpigmentation, as collateral benefit is going to improve the overall texture of the skin, erasing wrinkles and expanded pores and prevent aging and premature aging of the skin. IPL - permanent reduction of hair growth-diode laser for permanent hair growth reduction IPL (intense pulsed light) system IPL Today's results in a permanent reduction in hair growth have been clinically proven to equal or even better than the lasers that are considered the gold standard. Mechanism of action: • Permanent reduction of hair growth is achieved when the pulse light wavelength of 1064nm binds to the pigment cells in the hair follicle ENEG turning light into heat and thus destroy the hair follicle. To achieve the desired result should be 5-8 treatments (individually). Advantages: • Pulsed light wavelength 1064nm can be safely and effectively treated regions such as the face and neck, darker skin types, thinner and thicker, darker and lighter hairs. Sugar paste for hair removal (20% Off) Hair removal with sugar paste has the advantage over conventional wax hot or cold wax because the paste does not stick to the skin and produces no irritation. Pasta is for single use and the amount used for the wax casts. Sugar paste is used at normal body temperature; This prevents acceleration of blood circulation caused by heating and thus is suitable for all skin types. Sugar paste does not break hairs when epilating, thanks to its soft consistency, sugar paste during epilation sinks deeper into the hair follicle and the better the coverage. This improves epilation because it allows the hair to come out with the root thus increasing comfort and minimizing pain epilation during treatment. Hair removal using sugar paste reduces ingrown hairs; Since the removal is done in the direction of hair growth, and possibly if a break occurs in the hair follicle it remains in its natural direction, and there is no ingrown. Such hair continues to grow and moves towards the surface of the same natural way and there is no reverse direction of growth that leads to ingrown. Sugar paste is not sticking to the skin; Pasta only removes dead cells and dry, mild peeling skin as a favor. Since the paste sticks only to the hair but not the skin, feeling the pain of epilation minimized. This allows the solder paste to the same place multiple times without fear of stretching of the skin and severe pain. - For all parts of the face and body, including intimate areas - pain during epilation treatment is minimized - Improvement of skin - Reduce the number of ingrown hairs - For Men and Women - Soft Skin Ten years of experience of our medical staff, monitoring of global and local trends in field of cosmetology and physical medicine, continuing education in all areas of our business, and to work on a modern laser, and ultrasonic technology endermoloskoj shaped us in a safe and reliable center that you professionalism, courtesy and high quality of service guarantees success and lasting results in the weight loss, body shaping, anti age face. Reliable, efficient and painless treatment, kilos melt away in a few weeks, visibly reduces cellulite and disappears. Aesthetic and lifting treatments, rejuvenating face and neck, restoring youthful radiance and beauty. Professional installation, FACE & BEAUTY that will lead you to the path of security in yourself and your appearance, what each person brings not only to the beauty and inner satisfaction, but also to the loss of life!