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Address: 20 Vojvode Bogdana st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/3830-794; 069/1102-022, 064/6170-916

4.5/ 5stars

We have designed the "CRNO - BELI SVET" salon as a place to enjoy and care for your beauty. Good interior design, great music and interesting books will make you happy and relaxed. Friendly and highly professional staff will do everything for your groomed, healthy and beautiful appearance.

Tel. 011/38-30-794, Mob. 064/61-709-16, 069/11-020-22

Tuesday - Friday 10 - 21h
Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10 - 17h

* The classic treatment
* Biological Treatment
* LIGHT treatment - includes cleaning the skin, "clean up" exfoliation, face, neck and chest, mask and moisturizer that suits your skin type. The result of treatment tightens the skin and gets a lift effect, immediately noticeable extreme freshness and healthy glow.
* NIGHT treatment - After a long day we are waiting for you with a cup of herbal tea. The treatment is based on the herbal mask and relaxing massage. During the treatment, your hands are enjoying a paraffin package. We will wish you with another cup of herbal tea.
* Biological facial treatment PLUS
* Note: LIGHT NIGHT and treatments, and massage are not designed for people with acne

Dr. Michael Babor invented the HY-OL - hydrophilic cleanser leather-based oil and laid the foundations of the brand. Beauty is the common goal of Babor! Professional skin analysis at the salon BLACK - WHITE WORLD will show you which treatments and skin care products best suit your skin. Beauty is a business that lasts a lifetime! AT the salon CRNO-BELI SVET you can get advice from our beauticians and buy home care products Babor.

Treating your skin and helping it to become healthy and vital, as much as possible, while helping the health of your entire body. This is what I call the overall health - the overall approach to the skin inside and out.

ANTI-AGING Up to 55% less wrinkles in just 12 weeks

Revolutionary proven formulas with proper care of skin, effective against skin aging.
* Medium to deep wrinkles
* Enlarged pores
* Loss of elasticity
* Dry, tired skin
* Skin that needs to be refreshed free professional analysis - after you get your personal profile for care
* Anti-Aging
Vitamin C
* Leather premenopausal / menopause
* Acne
* Redness / sensitive skin
* Normal / Combination Skin
* The line of products for men's skin care
* Immuno - Skin Complex
* Protection from the sun

In the CRNO BELI SVET Salon you can get advice from our beauticians on how to buy Murad home care products.

Manicure and pedicure

Do not let your hands reveal your age!

In everyday life, when you're having a good time or at the workplace.

Your hands and groomed, beautiful nails are what others notice first.

Come to CRNO BELI SVET, take the time to care for hands and nails.
* Classic Manicure
* Nail (Gel)
* Permanent French gel
* Decorative nail polish
* Hand massage
* Paraffin Hand
* Spa Manicure OPI
* Luxury Manicure

* Aesthetic pedicure
* Medical Pedicure
* Paraffin Foot
* Foot Massage
* OPI Spa Pedicure

Our ultimate pedicure will remove all your problems, and foot massage will release your fatigue and tension.

At CRNO BELI SVET SALON you can buy OPI line products: nail polish, preparations for the regeneration of the nail plate after gel base fluid and fast-drying paint.

Massage with hot volcanic stones (hot stone) combination of manual massage and hot volcanic stones will transfer you into the world of complete peace and relaxation. Ritual in which the energy of the earth and unite the power of essential oils.

Indoceane Thalgo Spa Ritual
treatment gives new life to your body, mind and spirit, in a step-by-step ritual for complete relaxation of the body. The Spa Ritual has found inspiration in traditional treatments for beauty care in the Mediterranean, Egypt, India and China.

For active sports and recreation
- Have your personal physical therapist perform a professional massage which will help your body - to quickly eliminate accumulated stress during exercise - to prepare the body for the physical demands of future

Try the sweet-salty Mediterranean scrub caramel color. Feel like Cleopatra when you plunge in milk bath Egypt. Enjoy beautiful traditional Indian massage oil massage or nap while a great Chinese white cream envelops your body.

Anti-cellulite massage
Low or tall, thin or thick, housewives or super models, rich or poor, whatever.

I can not escape it. Cellulite!

Cosmetics experts believe that as many as 90% of women in the West have cellulite.

The good news is that with:
* Adequate nutrition (which we recommend)
* Regular exercise (which you learn from our physiotherapist)
* Professional anti-cellulite massage and appropriate packaging (in our salon)
* Additional Aroma and Hydrotherapy (in our salon)
* Adequate home care (which you propose our physiotherapist)
* Appropriate psychological approach ... it can be defeated.

Planning: engagement, bachelorette night, wedding, birthday, New Year's Eve celebration, an evening out, a business meeting ...

Come in on time and book your appointment:
* Daily makeup
* Evening makeup
* Make up for wedding

Depilation of legs, groin, arms, back, abdomen, upper lip, eyebrow correction. What sets us apart from others is the correction waxing! Suddenly, you are invited to a meeting, a dinner, a romantic weekend, but time is not right for the classic wax ...

Here we come to the rescue! With the new Philips epilator Satinelle Ice Premium we will remove those shortest hairs (even those of 0.5 mm). The combination of ceramic epilation system, cooling system, which follows the contours of the body and the new sonic massage system is a real evolution in epilation.

Owing to the effect of numbness, which is produced by ice and massage, waxing correction is gentle and more painless than ever.

* Take a sauna or a swimming pool in the summer.
* Put on your little black dress.
* Relax!

Hair removal cold wax is there to remove unwanted hair and provide security.

In the salon CRNO BELI SVET you can buy ampules or Roll-On and DEPIL against ingrown hairs for slower growth.

Nice and bronzed complexion looks attractive. Sunlight exposure has a positive effect on metabolism and blood circulation.

UV rays have beneficial effects on bone calcification.
Opt for our Alisun solarium in winter compensation sun, and in the summer sun tan safely without radiation, cosmic rays and harmful UVC spectrum.

Alisun Solarium is made according to the latest European standards.