Beer shops Belgrade

Address: 1 Kataniceva st.
Belgrade Phone: 063/70-75-070

PEJTON PUB Beer shops Belgrade
4.5/ 5stars

Peyton Pub, located on Vracar at Katanićeva 1, represents a truly unique place of beautiful environment with over 30 types of beer.

As far as the bar Peyton Pub is concerned, the emphasis is on comfort, comfort, more comfort and a homely atmosphere, so this is an ideal place for a relaxing day out, and for the warm-up before a crazy night out in Belgrade.

Opening hours Peyton Pub bar from 8 o'clock in the morning until midnight, while on Fridays and Saturdays works even till 2 am.

Interior bar Peyton Pub is very specific and very stands out compared to other bars of Belgrade.

Of course, in addition to a combination of brick and wood, there are also dominant sea details on the walls, which give a real flavor of the city.

Peyton Pub offers you a lot of novelties, relying on the proven value, this bar will soon become number one in the folder of your favorite places for nightlife.

Music that awaits you here will delight rock fans and give you one more place where you can truly relax and find pleasure with music that is to your taste.

Peyton Pub is an ideal opportunity to try some new tastes because the menu bar of the very rich and diverse and is ideal for the hectic pace of life that nourishes capital lately.

The real hedonists are happy to spend in the bar Peyton Pub because the atmosphere is really relaxed.