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Address: 13 Balkanska st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: ...

4.5/ 5stars

Only beer! a pub / bar whose work aims to contribute to the popularization of the culture of beer in Serbia and the development of new concepts of beer consumption, which are unfortunately still underrepresented in Serbia.

The basic idea and the idea behind "samo pivo!" (beer only!) project that Belgrade and Serbia finally get a place that will be completely dedicated to beer, all kinds of beer available in Serbia and promotion of culture of drinking popular beverages. Our wish is that over time, with a short, but interesting education, promotion of under-known brands, as well as presenting a completely new brands that are not currently present in our market, expand awareness of the rich and diverse world of beer.

Samo pivo
! not just another coffee shop or cafe, which occur only in the hundreds in Belgrade, but is a completely original concept that combines familiar elements peculiar to the English pubs (great selection of beers, the staff knows exactly what kind of product offering, unobtrusive and relaxed atmosphere), with some characteristics specific to the market Serbia (hospitality, openness and communication).