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Club history
Immediately after World War II centers are springing up in which even the aces from the pre-war period were turning the pedals. The first clubs are appearing -  Metalac Policeman, unity of Novi Sad, Spartak Subotica, Nis Zeleznicar and others, and among them, somehow discreetly also Red Star. In the club documents, writings Cycling Union, (back then the sub-association), there is no data on the founding date of the cycling club. But in the reports from the first competitions, there are riders that are defending the colors of Red Star.

The most famous among them was one of our best cyclists of all time Dragisa Ješic, one of three brothers who have dedicated themselves to the sport. \"Politika\" newspaper brings a report from 27 July 1947th from the Serbian Championship, the 190 km long track. Dragisa Ješic arrived at the goal, which was the Marshal Tito Square, in the same time achieved by the legendary race winner Aleksandar Zoric, after a ride that lasted nearly seven hours - 6 : 58:25. In the sprint Ješic came in fourth and the Red Star other representative Aca Behelovic qualified for sixth place with just six seconds slower time. In the junior competition in the same race, a member of our club Milan Jagodin took third place, while the winner was great as later, striker Francis Varga from Novi Sad.

Among the juniors at the time was also Alexander - Max Fotirić a a student from sixth male high school and who went on to become a musician for the orchestra Vlastimir Pavlovic - Carevca and long-time coordinator of the International Department of Radio Belgrade.

With him were his peers seventeen years old Damjan Jovanovic and Peter Kamdzijaš - the Club had been in the process of establishment in the year 1947, Fotirić remembers, and was aided by a famous cycling professionals of the time: Drago Davidovic and his brother Dusko Sajber who helped with equipment, repairs, maintenance services, training ...

Soon, in 1948 the traces of the Red Star are lost, the Yugoslav Cycling continues its colourfully-named member.

Much later, not until 1994, a question arises among the sports professionals: why doesn\'t the club Red Star exist in such an attractive sport like cycling. Older knowledgeable locals reminisc about a  sports scene reminiscent, exactly during the first years after the war, bicycle and motorcycle racing accompanied by a great number of spectators than football matches. Criteria in the streets of Belgrade, Kalemegdan about race was followed by thirty thousand, and sometimes even more viewers. The bike was an attractive appearance and cyclists are very welcome in public places, especially among girls. Why is it only belonged to the distant past, persistently asked a sports commentator for Radio Belgrade Miodrag Sojiljkovic, especially the words: \"What is the sport in which there is no rivalry between Red Star and Partizan?\".