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Avantura park

If you need some adventure in your life, you can get your excitement fill at the Ada Ciganlija Belgrade island. In the beautiful natural surroundings near the center of the city and far from the city bustle we have the Avantura park, right now the only entertainment park of this kind in Serbia. Here in an exciting and fun way you can spend a recreation filled day in the shade of trees. You can come for an individual visit or organize contests, celebrations, promotions and team building.

Avantura park is an obstacle course where there's fun and recreation for all ages and categories. Challenge for our visitors are also various platforms, hanging bridges, rails, beams and other obstacles on trees. Currently we have 19 obstacles and we plan to set up new ones. Around 45 minutes is required to pass the obstacle course and our visitors are all secured with the best safety gear.

Avantura park has included the following interesting content in our fun games: memory games, orientation, speed, strength, balance, surprise.

Search for treasure continues in spatial awareness through seeking the proper items based on association.

Target shooting using medieval bow and arrows or a paintball gun are mobile activities so the obstacle course can be set up anywhere. In addition Avantura deals in zipline obstacle courses.

The diving tank is also the only one of its kind in our country and is the ideal area for various kinds of celebrations or branding. Visitors can dive for the first time here or attend a diving course while their friends are watching or taking pictures because the interior of our tank can be seen from the pedstrian area.

Within the Avantura park is also the CAMP NO COMP, the highest quality summer camp in the region for children aged 9-12 that has existed since 2013. The main goal of he park is to reduce children's obsession with computers and other technologies and develop a love for nature and activities in nature. The camp welcomes mixed groups from Serbia and the countries abroad. The children spend 7 days in the camp, sleep in the tents, have 4 meals per day and a full activity program from 7AM - 10PM every day.

The natural surroundings of Ada Ciganlija and the unique recreation that is aided by obstacles in the trees are an efficient way to relieve stress. The Avantura park is the perfect place to relax the mind and body and escape from the city crowds and recharge your batteries when facing new challenges. At Avantura park we welcome everyone, from adventurers to families, friends, athletes, recreationalists and anyone who wants to have fun and enjoy positive energy.

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