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If you are looking for a new and unique challenge but above all an hour and a half of excellent fun, Escape Quest is the perfect experience for you, your family or your team building events. This simple and interactive game of escaping rooms is adjusted to all riddle solving enthusiasts regardless of age.

The goal of this game which involves 2-5 players is to find a way out of the room in 60 minutes. Whether they will succeed depends on their resourcefullness and their ability to solve various logic puzzles and discover clues that will help them achieve their goal. The uniqueness of this game lies in the fact that you are also inside of the game and can enjoy it physically and in real time.

The games are designed so that they do not need any foreknowledge and the basic rules will be presented to you by our game master. The game can be adjusted to your needs so if you would like to orgnize a birthday party or a surprise for one of the team members that can be arranged.

It's important to know that nothing in the room can be done by force, everything needs to be considered and most importantly you have to find all of the clues by peering into every corner. If a task is problematic during the game you can ask for hints at all times.

Because we insist on teamwork at Escape Quest, we are an ideal team-building activity. The excitement and originality of the game will advance the team spirit and bonds in your team.

The theme of our game is the theft of the famous Mayan diamond "The Eye of Jaguar" from our Escape Quest museum. If you are courageous and skilled enough to solve all of the riddles in 60 minutes you will find and rescue the diamond.

If you'd like to sail into an adventure full of riddles, danger, excitement, thrill and fun. Gather your friends, family and colleagues from work and have fun in a creative and different way. And don't forget the diamond!

Working hours:
- Every day 10AM - 11PM
Scheduling is required.

Escape Quest, 6a Safarikova street, Belgrade.