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The best time to start a fight against the accumulated cellulite, fat deposits, excess loose skin and wrinkles, these enemies of your beautiful looks and your health, is now! So do not hesitate! Because: Beauty radiates health and health radiates beauty! Going to a credible body care center do not leave the last moment, before going on vacation or when you are overweight or accumulated cellulite become worrisome. Start with your treatment without delay. And we invite you to do in bb regen center! Bb regen Centre wants to offer its clients the very best. So opted for treatments and appliances that are the result of the latest international trends in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, and who are recognized, effective and safe conservative method of remodeling and face and body care. The first in Belgrade apply a unique, patent-protected method TriPollar radio frequency, for reshaping the body, face sculpting and skin tightening and rejuvenation, which is certified in the U.S. and Europe.

How do we do?

Bb Regen Centre, the first in Belgrade in cosmetic practice introduced this unique method of using radio frequency energy (RF) for the remodeling and regeneration of body and facial sculpting, as part of an extremely successful treatment for: - Remove the excess and tightening loose skin - Skin tightening after liposuction, rapid weight loss after pregnancy - Skin tightening the neck and face - lift, including the area around the eyes, lips and forehead - reduction of cellulite in the long term - Reduction of localized fat deposits in specific regions of the body: abdomen, back, buttocks, legs (thighs, calves, knees), hands (inside the upper arms, backs) and neck (chin) - Reduction of the hip and the reduction jahaćih trousers - reduction of fat in gynecomastia (increased breast tissue in men) - Lift and lift buttocks (brazilian butt) - Reduction of wrinkles, improving texture and achieve smooth skin youthful appearance - Customers - both women and men - Please note that these treatments are not designed only for women but also men. - The specially successfully achieved reduction and consolidation of a double chin, fat reduction in gynecomastia (increased breast tissue in men), and also in reducing the so-called. beer belly . Superior is also unique because it: Non-invasive - no needles, no scalpels, no island, scars or bruises, no pain or risk of infection, no sick leave Extremely efficient - the results are visible and directly measurable. The optimal result is achieved usually after 6-8 treatments once a week, and positive changes resulting from the first treatment. Al. Ancona, director of Medico Chirurgica from Milan, said: The clinical results can be seen immediately after treatment. It is simply unbelievable . Effective - The inimitable cellulite reduction, significant reduction of localized fat deposits with the desired region and appear youthful looks stunning collected, regenerated and tight skin Safe - it is scientifically based, clinically tested and implemented protokolisanim treatments Pleasing - giving them a sense of warm relaxing massage Application extremely simple - just after the treatment customers return to their normal activities One of the most respected in the world - in remodeling the body, reducing localized fat deposits, cellulite reduction and removal of all types of excess skin and tightening How does it work? In contrast to recently used procedures (monopolar and bipolar current), TriPollar method to 3-generation RF technology uses focused radiowave energy to simultaneously selectively heating the surface and deep layers of the skin of the treated region and fat in them, stimulating lipolysis - release of fats from fatty cells, enhancing microcirculation and lymphatic drainage and stimulating the creation of new collagen fibers.
Combination with other procedures does not mean simply the accumulation of different procedures, but their expert application of the proper selection of different types of procedures, their correct order and the appropriate intensity and duration of action. Electro-stimulation therapy that muscle is accelerated weight loss and body shaping - body and reduce cellulite electroshaping of all types. It increases consumption of fats and carbohydrates, increases circulation and detoxification, improves the shape and tone the muscles of the body. Where applicable A) As a therapeutic procedure for the cosmetic treatment of the body and face electroshaping specialized programs, as well as various physical defects, and aesthetic problems: • The remodeling of the body-Total Body Shaping • Anti-cellulite treatments • Reducing obesity limited • circulatory problems • Strengthening body, improve muscle tone and skin elasticity As popular support for exercises at all levels to improve overall fitness - personal fitness are: • Passive exercise Positive effects include: • increased consumption of fat from fat • reducing the volume of the critical parts of the body and stimulates the blood supply • reduce cellulite • forms the muscular structure and strengthens the tissue • improves muscle tone, reduces sagging skin and improve its strength and elasticity • stimulating effect on the entire body, stimulates and accelerates detoxification (elimination of toxins from the body) It is used as a separate aesthetic procedures or as part of combined treatment. It is a highly sophisticated electrotherapy treatment apparatus niskofrekfentnih currents, which are successfully operating in the breakdown of fat and cellulite and burns the energy released from fat, increases the flow of body fluids and improves the exchange of goods. At the same time strengthening the muscular structure, given the strength and increases muscle tone, and the figure returns slenderness. Enhanced total peripheral circulation and microcirculation leads to recovery not only depth but also the surface layers of tissue, the skin is revitalized, tightens and rejuvenates. The device used by our center is the ultimate product of the Italian company SIE (Societa Italiana ELETTROMEDICALI), a leader in research and application of new technologies in aesthetic and sports medicine and cosmetology. Ultrasound is one of the most effective method for eliminating cellulite and obese (fatty) deposits with an apparatus that uses ultrasound waves. Device in our center is the latest achievement of the Italian company CEE, a leader in research and application of new technologies in aesthetic and sports medicine and cosmetology. Successfully applied in the treatment of cellulite-affected regions: stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, hands, knees and ankles. What should be especially noted for cellulite PRESSOTHERAPY - LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE Lymphatic drainage is an indispensable therapeutic procedure for stimulating the lymph circulation, improve venous circulation and detoxify the body. It also contributes to better nutrition and regeneration of tissue, elimination of excess fluids and strengthen the immune system. It is achieved: • efficient detoxification of the body • improve venous circulation, especially in varicose veins and capillaries problems • prevention and mitigation hipostatičkih islands in the legs • prevention of the occurrence and elimination of cellulite • Addressing problems of "tired, heavy legs" • improving the overall balance of the immune system Dermalife Spa-Jet Capsule It is a system of relaxation, rehabilitation and weight loss, superbly designed, as a sophisticated device for comprehensive cosmetic treatments. The synergy of non-invasive natural therapy that is realized in a capsule treatment, reinforces the vitality of body and mind, encourage positive thinking and open perspective towards a healthier lifestyle. May be used by people of all ages. What is the intended Dermalife Spa-Jet system has 10 protocols, software-driven program, a treatment as defined by the following specifications: • Weight Loss • reduction of cellulite and reducing fluid retention • Detoxification • reduction of stress • Rejuvenation and skin hydration • relieve pain • Insomnia and Meditation • Energisers • body wrapping • Dr. Kneipp treatment Sport tourism is a device that is designed and engineered so that a combination of simultaneous action of heat and multiple stimulating effects of vibration makes the client feel like "the wings", leaving the general state of relaxed, pleasant and well-being. The original is a product of the Australian company specialized sport tourism, patented and protected, certified and approved for use in the EU. Describe it as "a natural way to health and fitness. " Experience has shown that sport tourism operates in two ways: A) Contributions to the general condition and mood through: • weight loss • stress relief • enhanced detoxification • improve the tone of the body SkinBella is a highly sophisticated device for use SkinMaster technology for complete skin care ultrasonic vibrating crystal-free exfoliation in the treatment of wrinkles, the recovery, strengthening and tightening of sagging skin and tired against rosacee, regulating sebum secretion stains in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. It is successfully removed following aesthetic problems: • Fine lines • coarse wrinkles and furrows • dehydration • loss of skin firmness • lack of variety and scars on the skin • discoloration (patches) skin • poor circulation This is a complex, refined, neivazivna, so far unmatched method of skin rejuvenation, which is achieved by gentle, smooth and controlled exfoliation (removal of dead, hornlike surface skin cells), and leaves skin very smooth and shiny so that simply radiates. Uses ultrasonic vibrations (even 25,000 cycles per second) and only one pass provides exfoliation 35-55% and the stratum corneum. SkinMaster is a leading technology dermabrasion without using hard abrasive particles and vacuum, so. crystal-free (particle free) methods. The product is a Sybaritic American firms, the most famous world manufacturers of aesthetic and natural cosmetology, and only the original manufacturer SkinBella device that is certified and approved for use in the EU termomasažni Migun bed. It is a fusion of ancient knowledge of traditional Eastern medicine and modern sophisticated technology, therapeutic massage treatment of the spinal column. Migun bed termomasažni the original patented product Migun South Korean firm, which has been certified and approved for use in the U.S. and the EU. What are the positive effects • gradually eliminate pain and discomfort caused by poor condition of the spinal column • beneficial to relieve symptoms caused by degenerative changes in vertebral • contribute to the adjustment improper posture • experience has demonstrated its beneficial effect on reducing stress and strengthening the immune system