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Address: 22 Branka Miljkovica st., 11400 Mladenovac
Belgrade Phone: Tel(fax)+381 11 82 27 062, tel(mob) +381 64 34 39 399
E-mail: abakus@accountant.com

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Abacus Agency provides accounting services for business entities that are organized as companies, cooperatives, entrepreneurs, associations and other entities.

Bookkeeping services include:

• Book keeping and Accounting
- General ledger up to date with all Cleared transactions, analytics
customers and suppliers, analysis of foreign buyers and suppliers, analytics
fixed assets with all the necessary calculations
- Goods and material accounting (making calculations for the trade
Wholesale and retail trade, foreign exchange calculation during import, KEPU books, daily traffic
Caterers, stock exchange raw materials, work orders in the manufacturing and
hospitality, the book business for entrepreneurs.
- Tax records with the calculation of VAT and all necessary
documents, books of incoming and outgoing invoices, books of received invoices.

• The financial operations
- Cash, dinar and foreign contractors, with commercial banks
- Payment via E-banking, payments to domestic and foreign suppliers,
management controller and sending reports foreign exchange inspectorate
- Calculation of travel expenses for the country and abroad
- Calculation of interest
- Payroll employment pre-arranged contracts and
Application forms for employees, the calculation of maternity leave, sick leave
over 30 days, preparing to sign a form PPP and application data
the register on the form M4

• Tax Tips
- Cooperation with the tax authority, which consists in checking and sravnjavanju
tax bills
- Consideration of the profit on a monthly basis
- All types consultations related to income tax, tax on
corporate profit tax, other income, pointing to all possible
incentives to reduce the tax base
- Informing clients on all tax changes

• Consulting
- All types consultations regarding the establishment and liquidation of companies,
change of legal form, status changes, performing activities in
within our governmental structure and interpretation of all laws
related to companies and entrepreneurs
- Creating a business plan for the client
- Preparation of periodic financial statements for purposes of the tender, loans, credit lines,
authorized overdraft etc.

Become our partner because:
• We take responsibility in connection with the posting and financial
• inform you of changes to laws and regulations that we follow through
tax - accounting instructors as well as through seminars
• Knowledge and experience saves you time and money
• We use the latest technology inforacione
• approach each client individually in relation to his needs

Data about the owner of the agency:
Nenad Golubovic, Dipl. Econ.
Branko Miljkovic 22
11400 Mladenovac
Phone (fax) +381 11 82 27 062
tel (mobile) +381 64 34 39 399