Bus and van transport Belgrade

Belgrade Phone: 011/761-13-65, 063/454-190

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Activity of our company includes public transportation of passengers in regular and non-regular road national and international transport, organization and realization of all activties and services tied to the group and individual tourist initial and receptive trips in the republic of Serbia and abroad.

The seat of Touring Serbia is located in Nis while the currently active branches in Belgrade, Paracin and Subotica are the part of a planned and branching network representatives in the Republic of Serbia and Europe.

The mother company, founder and owner of Touring Serbie is Deutche Touring GmbH seated in Frankfurt/Main in Germany. Deutsche Touring has since its origin been synonimous and guarantee of quality of the bus transport known and recognizable for its respect of the highest standard of work, the best European leader with bus lines in over 34 European states and over 80 cities in Germany and millions of transported passengers. Touring Serbia is a company created with the goal that experience and achieved standards and quality of the mother company from Germany in the Republic of Serbia are the same as in Germany and other countries of western Europe.

The business sector for transporting passengers touring Serbia is specialized for the bus lines Serbia-Germany and follows the world tendencies of humanization of ambiance and condition for life activities special attention is given to the quality of the vehicle fleet, buses of the most famous global manufacturers which satisfy the high European safety standards as well as the quality of the driving staff which we request are experienced and professional drivers, be friendly, amicable and polite towards the passengers, to know the shipping regulations and speak foreign languages.

The business sector for tourism Turing Serbia has the basic activities: information, reservation, sales of bus, plane, driving, ship and ferry tickets to all destination in Serbia and the world, organization and creation of tourist group and individual arrangements, weekend field trips, sporting and entertainment manifestations, business, student trips, organizing charter flights, ship cruise and more.

The Strategic directive of Touring Serbia is to be well-informed and keep up with the events of introducing the new and better solutions in work to be in line with highly standardized requests of the market and clients, maximally professional, dedicated to their work and always responsible towards the users of our services. It is our goal to develop our own recognizable identity so that we aren't one of the many sales of others' products without obligation but to offer our buyers a fully new way of work, careful communication, regular quality control with special regard to suggestion and remarks of the users and full responsibilities for all we promised and offer.

We hope that you recognized your interests in our activities and plans of Touring Serbie because we welcome mass support from all potential users in the fight to preserve our high standards.

We always measure the pleasure of our users.