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Mirkovic Tehnoloski Razvoj company has been operating for over 30 years dealing with innovations in the field of engineering and technology. In the field of automotive industry we have multiple devices that have won awards at international exhibitions and fairs (in Brussels, America, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, etc.). All devices are contructive solutions from our engineer, Mirkovic Ljubinka, the holder of numerous inventions and patents, such as autobblockators and network spiders.

In order to avoid frequent tragic head-on collisions on our roads, for which the main causes are fatigue, loss of concentration and sleeping drivers, an engineer Mirkovic after many years of research and testing, and received expert medical opinions, patented his latest invention. Magnetic covers for the wheel, prevent loss of concentration during the long and arduous journey, especially at night.

In the cover 12 special magnets up to 10,000 Gauss that promote blood circulation, thus preventing drivers falling asleep. Tests have been carried out have shown that magnets are embedded in the cover enough to alternating magnetic field changes over acupuncture points on the hands, while driving stimulates circulation up to 100 times. In this way, prevents fatigue, drowsiness and weakening of concentration which are the main causes of road crashes.

In addition to the quality of driving without an accident, magnetic steering wheel cover, contributes to the overall health of humans, particularly in:
- High blood pressure
- Angina
- infarction
- stroke
- Diabetes
- Mulitiple sclerosis
- Parkinson's disease
- Tennis elbow and other painful conditions of the joints, tendons and muscles
- Osteoporosis and bone fractures
- Hormonal disorders
- insomnia
- depression
- migraine
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The aim of our invention is to fight against collision using magnets. If you want to enjoy a safe driving performance, steering magnetic cover, which prevents loss of concentration during the long and arduous journey, the right choice for you.
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