Car glasswork Belgrade

Address: Carlija Caplina 56, Palilula // 1 Tresnjinog cveta st., Novi Beograd // 48 Temerinski put st., Novi Sad
Belgrade Phone: 011/208-47-44, 208-47-43, 0800/22-33-22

4.5/ 5stars

CARGLASS SRBIJA is the representative for the largest world company dealing with car glass and it sets high standards in its field of expertise - CAR GLASS EXCHANGE AND REPAIR.
Carglass exists in over 28 countries world wide, it has 10000 employees in over a thousand repair shops and 3000 mobile vehicles serve more than 5 million drivers per year. All CARGLASS clients have something in common - they want to solve the broken glass issue in a fast, simple and quality way. Therefore CARGLASS has developed a series of services to meet their needs.
Small damages on the glass can be a large risk, for they can cause the further cracking of your glass. The repaired glass has the same function, strengths and transparity and for every intervention you get unlimited warranty. Also, some repair for the structural integrity, some for the visual effect, and wise people for both reasons.
The glass on your car has a safety characteristic. Due to the fact that your safety is important to us, the changing of the glass that you trust us with, includes quality glass made by European manufacturers (Pilkington, Saint Gobain, Guardian, Nordglass, Splintex...) as well as the best glue products.
If you can't visit the CARGLASS service center, CARGLASS can come to you.
Every year millions of people look at the world through glass repaired and changed by CARGLASS. We offer you the possibility to see for yourself the quality of our services.