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Car wash “Mima Tek” is located in Vozdovac where we provide our customers with the highest quality washing and cleaning services for their vehicles. Thanks to our immense experience and excellent quality of service, we have achieved a successful cooperation with a huge number of partners, companies and vehicle sales.

Due to increasingly fast-pace lifestyles, most people spend most of the day in their vehicles which – due to the city dust and smog – can often be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. The truth is that proper hygiene of your vehicle has a huge impact on you and your family’s health, mood and self-image.

The car wash “Mima Tek” offers you the following services:

- Dry cleaning (in depth) of your car
- Machine car washing
- Car polishing
- Waxing
- Headlights polishing

The car wash Mima Tek offers you dry cleaning and regular cleaning services for the interior of your vehicle. That way we efficiently remove dust, grease, stains and other types of dirt that accumulates in the seats and upholstery of your vehicle. By using the highest quality shampoos and cleaning products we will make sure the interior of your car sparkles once more. Also, after every wash we apply a pleasant scent which will extend the feeling of freshness in your vehicle.

If your car has lost its former glow or has scratch marks and other small damages, the best solution is to polish and wax your cars. By using the highest quality waxes this process will leave your car looking and smelling nicer and it will also be protected from outside influences.

One of the services we offer is also headlights polishing. The headlights of your vehicles are exposed to various outside influences every day which can reduce their lifespan and reduce performance. Thanks to our services foggy and yellowed headlights will be a thing of the past on your vehicles and your driving will be safe once more.

Our car wash “Mima Tek” gives special benefits to all companies that have fleets of vehicles. We also offer the ability of paying via your company’s account for all importers of used cars (car lots). Thanks to our excellent service quality we have so far established a fruitful cooperation with many companies.


MIMA TEK CAR WASH Car wash Beograd
MIMA TEK CAR WASH Car wash Beograd
MIMA TEK CAR WASH Car wash Beograd