Carpet cleaning Belgrade

Address: 136 Cara Dusana st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/3160-334, 3160-757, 2616-547

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25 years of experience from which you benefit the most

CLEAN CARPET SERVICE is a professional carpet cleaning service that has existed in Belgrade for the longest time. Founded in 1983, and at the current address since September 1989. 25 years of experience, modern technical equipment, expertise of the founders and employees are the guarantee of high quality work. With an area over 600 m2 of working space CLEAN is the largest service of its kind in our country. Constantly following the new developments in the field of cleaning technology CLEAN introduced this new method of perfect washing in a pool.

We really exist as we propose (see for yourself)

Cleaning carpets in a special pool has been the most perfect system of carpet cleaning that has many advantages over all previous methods.

Benefits of pools:
- Gentle vibrations in the water basin for washing removes dirt all over the carpet, not just the top surface.
- It is the only procedure in which washing is carried out with complete rinsing - until clean water comes out.
- The procedure of washing and rinsing the carpetis superior to all previous methods of washing. It fully rinses any remaining dirt, dust, mites which cause allergies ...

Drying Kiln
After washing the carpets are taken to dry in a completely technically equipped drying chamber, which is part of the carpet cleaning system. Circulation of warm and dry air through the entire structure of washed carpets makes them absolutely dry. Regardless of the season we guarantee delivery of a completely dry the carpet, not later than 3 days upon pickup.

Regardless of the season we guarantee delivery of a completely dry carpet, not later than 3 days upon pickup.

Hygienic packaging of washed carpets keeps them clean to the point of their delivery and re-using.

Service transports the carpets we clean for free

We create new fringe, do seam stitching and tailoring of mats,  and deep cleaning of upholstery

- In-depth semi-dry cleaning of upholstered furniture;
- Development of new carpet fringe;
- Carpet seam stitching and tailoring.