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TZR “KUCA TEPIHA” (House of carpets) can be found in two locations where we offer the best selection of carpets and floorings.

If you are redecorating or renovating your home, apartment or any other indoor area – CARPETS are the best solution. Carefully selected carpets either hand or machine woven out of polypropilen, polyester or polyamid, modern or elegant, based or effective when combined in the best way with the ambiance it can bring any room to life. With the adequate carpet you can accentuate the beauty of your floors, furniture and overall interior. Modern materials are easier to maintain than wool which is a natural material due to the way that the artificial materials are produced. These kinds of carpets are very visually appealing, durable and affordable. One of the best materials is polyamid which is represented a lot in our DISNEY collection. It doesn’t absorb dust and repels gnats which is very important for the health of your little ones.

Collections we offer include:  Almira, Frize, Fantastik, Silver, Premijum, Praktika, Vegas Pop, Vegas Home, City, Disney, Havana, Lambada, Armoni, Sultan, Pella, Rio, Babylon, Soft, Adria, Pleasure, Tatoo, Galaxy, Diana, Rio poliester, Kleo, Marmaris, Istanblue, Altunizade, Rainbow, Mondo, Olympic, Tuffty trendy,  Tropiko, Latino, Holywood, Star, Soul, Moldava, Lounge, Super shaggy, Spirit, Aquarelle kids, Kids, Canyon, Play, Beren, Mistik...

Carpets can make any room feel comfortable and pleasant and help you show off your style and also please your feet with heavenly softness.

Our carpet paths range from 60-120cm width and are ideal for hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and any long, narrow room. When it comes to patterns and colors we offer identical pairs with our carpet offer (except for certain patterns that are difficult to pull off as paths because the paths are cut to measure). We have various kinds of paths, from basic to ‘fuzzy’ ones.

As laminated floors have become widespread in the modern age due to their combination of functionality and style, as well as durability, we also offer simple and swift setup for laminated floors. They are easy to maintain and always an interesting choice. The key feature of any laminated floor is their upper layer. There’s a lot of selection to be had seeing how we cooperate with many influential providers of this type of flooring. We offer excellent price to quality ratio, as we only offer first class laminates. Laminated floors are suitable for hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, shops, homes and more.

PVC floors or vinyl floors are ideal for apartments as they are very easy to keep clean and provide good quality and affordable prices. In case you need these types of floors for your gym, workshop, weightlifting room, gymnastics hall or any similar area we offer our sport floors of varying thickness, prices as a durable and reliable option. We offer a selection of strong colors such as: gray, burgundy, red, blue, yellow, orange and green.

Rugs are textile types of flooring ideal for interior design of your home or office. It provides warmth with a broad spectrum of colors and quality and can easily fit into any space. Rugs usually come in rolls of 2-4m and usually have easy to clean designs. They are affordable and usually rimmed which is a service we offer at our store for free. Thermal rugs are warmer due to their thermal layer and offer good sound and heat isolation, leading to saving energy and expenses. Needled floors are resistant to wear and have a long lifespan. They are the best choice for outdoors or rooms exposed to climate.

Bathroom mats of highest quality with or without rubber are available in over 50 types, ranging in quality and design.

We also have a large selection of: mattresses, bed sheets, curtain rods, lazy bags, footstools, curtains, drapes, chandeliers, ceiling lights…

You can make payments in cash, cards, 6 months cheques or through an administrative ban, if we have a contract with your company.